Researchers produce grafts that replicate the human ear

Using state-of-the-art tissue engineering techniques and a 3D printer, researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine and Cornell Engineering have assembled a replica of an adult human ear that looks and feels natural. 

Nabokov celebrated for crossing arts/science boundaries

Campus and community members celebrated the environmental and literary legacies of former Cornell professor Vladimir Nabokov during events on campus March 14 and 15.

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Innovation in Action: SC Johnson College of Business and CIT Join Forces

The SC Johnson College of Business has taken a creative approach to revamping their data analytics environment. With the help of Cornell Information Technologies, they launched “Connect360,” the goal of which was to extract, organize, analyze, and present targeted graduate admissions data, which comes from multiple source systems, in a unified dashboard.

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Psychology researchers expand reach with new solution

When Lifespan Labs human development researchers in the Psychology Department needed a better way to schedule and enter family data for their studies, they partnered with the CIT Enterprise Applications team to find an affordable and low-code solution.

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40 years of crop research shows inequities

A systematic analysis of 40 years of studies on public crop breeding programs found that cereal grains receive significantly more research attention than other crops important for food security and only 33% of studies sought input from both men and women.

Agrarian Studio expands with Future of Work fellowship

Hadia Akhtar Khan, a post-doctoral associate, is working with Associate Professor Sarah Besky to build a scholarly community and host conferences at Cornell.

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Nanofiber bandages fight infection, speed healing

An interdisciplinary team of Cornell researchers has identified an innovative way to harness the antioxidant and antibacterial properties of the botanical compound lawsone to make nanofiber-coated cotton bandages that fight infection and help wounds heal more quickly.

Engaging youth leads to more inclusive public spaces

Outside of the token skate park, the diverse needs of New York state teens are often ignored when planners design public spaces. A new collaboration between a College of Human Ecology professor and Cornell Cooperative Extension seeks to put an end to that.

Global Cornell opens call for proposals to imagine better future

Cornell researchers have the opportunity to take a long stride toward an alternative future full of possibility, with support from Global Cornell’s new Global Grand Challenge: The Future. On Jan. 29 Global Cornell opened what will be the initiative’s only call for proposals.