Postcards from Earth: Hologram project showcased at Intrepid

A yearslong effort to launch Cornell-made satellite technology into a neighboring solar system is making a terrestrial stop at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York City with a new exhibit: “Postcards from Earth: Holograms on an Interstellar Journey.”

Microcalcification ‘fingerprints’ can yield info about cancer

An interdisciplinary collaboration used a materials science approach to “fingerprint” calcium mineral deposits that reveal pathological clues to the progression of breast cancer and potentially other diseases.

Cornell faculty embrace international collaborations

New seed grants from Global Cornell are deepening relationships between Cornell and its Global Hubs partners across the world.

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Researchers create custom technology in quest to understand memory

A pair of researchers in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior are designing new technology and research methods to discover how brain circuits support learning and memory.

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Cornell-led Team Selected for NSF's Convergence Accelerator

The project, dubbed AUGER (Accelerating Use of Geologically-driven Engineering & Reclamation), was awarded $739K of funding from NSF’s Convergence Accelerator to support translational research combining x-ray and hyperspectral imaging capabilities at CHESS with remote sensing techniques to link macroscale data with microscale mineral properties to create predictive mining insights.

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Rare drought coincided with Hittite Empire collapse

An interdisciplinary collaboration used tree ring and isotope records to pinpoint a likely culprit for the collapse of the Hittite Empire: three straight years of severe drought in an already dry period.

Cornell Atkinson announces 2023 postdoctoral research fellows

Four next-generation scholars have been chosen as Cornell Atkinson Postdoctoral Fellows, forwarding projects focused on food security, energy transitions, One Health and climate change.

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Cross-campus center tackles antimicrobial resistance

A new center at Cornell will fight the rise of antibiotic resistance, a global health challenge that threatens to reverse critical advances in modern medicine.

Cornell to lead new semiconductor research center

Cornell is leading a new $34 million research center that will accelerate the creation of energy-efficient semiconductor materials and technologies, and develop revolutionary new approaches for microelectronics systems.