Faculty awarded for creative, innovative community engagement

Thirteen Cornell faculty members have received Community-Engaged Practice and Innovation Awards from the Einhorn Center for Community Engagement. The awards recognize faculty who have recently developed community-engaged learning, leadership or research activities that create opportunities for students.

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CTI grant recipients build student confidence, connection

In 2023-2024 the Center for Teaching Innovation (CTI) awarded Innovative Teaching and Learning Grants to seven recipients. This year, two of those recipients' projects focus on building empathy into their courses to promote student learning.

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Gut muscle vital for absorbing fats forms like scars

By discovering how a type of smooth muscle forms in the gut, scientists have opened doors to making artificial muscle, repairing muscle following gut surgeries and treating inflammatory bowel disease and obesity.

Public health certificate closes eight primary skill gaps for students

Through its new Public Health Essentials online certificate program, Cornell seeks to help leaders proactively address today’s global health challenges.

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Cornell scientists identify bird flu infecting dairy cows

Cornell virology experts are sequencing the bird flu virus that struck cows in the Texas panhandle last week, after work at Cornell and two other veterinary diagnostic laboratories found the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus in cattle samples, a first for this species.

Course helps instructors foster free expression in class

With the Intergroup Dialogue Project, instructors learned skills to facilitate in-class communication across difference – skills participants said are vital to maintaining a democratic society. 

‘A completely different game’: Faculty, students harness AI in the classroom

Faculty members are finding creative ways to deal with generative AI in their courses. Winners of Cornell’s 2024 Teaching Innovation Awards will discuss their approaches on April 11.

Protect habitat to prevent pandemics

While world public health agencies are focused on how to react to the next pandemic once it has started, a new plan proposes using ecological perspectives to prevent disease outbreaks before they happen.

Insights from patient who cleared hepatitis C could lead to vaccine

By studying individuals who spontaneously clear hepatitis C infections, a team of researchers has identified viable vaccine targets for a disease that infects 70 million worldwide.