NYC Tech Campus partnership generates excitement

As Cornell and its partner The Technion -- Israel Institute of Technology prepare to submit their proposal for the New York City Tech Campus on Oct. 28, numerous expressions of support have been received from a wide variety of notable entrepreneurs and academics. Following are a just a few. Read more online.

"What the Technion has to offer New York City is renowned excellence in engineering and applied sciences, and a collective belief in pushing beyond what others believe is possible. The minds nurtured at the Technion have played a definitive role in establishing Israel as a technology capital of the world. I have no doubt that bringing the Technion and Cornell, two great research institutions together for an unprecedented academic partnership will bring the same spirit of innovation to New York City, and establish New York City as a global leader in science and technology."

-- Dan Shechtman, B.S. Technion 1966, M.S. Technion 1968, Ph.D. Technion 1972; the Philip Tobias Professor of Materials Science at the Technion and winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in chemistry


"This is excellent news for New York City and for these leading universities. Cornell's and the Technion's vast research expertise, their history of successful entrepreneurship and technology transfer, and the opportunities for meaningful collaborations will put this city at the center of the global technology universe. The possibilities are boundless."

-- Sandy Weill, New York philanthropist and financier, Cornell alumnus and chair of the Board of Overseers of Weill Cornell Medical College


"I launched Qualcomm's first international R&D Center in Haifa, Israel, in 1992, staffed entirely with Technion graduates and purposely located near the campus to take advantage of its great education and research. Technion, with its many contacts, was a great help in our subsequent worldwide expansion. The Technion's demonstrated success in translating basic and applied research to job creation complements Cornell's deep academic strengths and translational activities, providing an extraordinary partnership for the benefit of New York City. Technion and Cornell, working in close collaboration on the new campus, will inspire a next generation of entrepreneurs to pursue innovations by forming start-ups and expanding existing businesses."

-- Irwin Jacobs, the founding chairman and CEO of Qualcomm and Cornell alumnus


"I'm delighted to hear this news, as Technion is a second home to me. I studied at Technion and received all of my degrees there -- and Cornell is where I started my career -- so this partnership is the best of both worlds. Technion and Cornell are two world-class institutions, which house the world's best scientists. This partnership stands for a very strong collaboration."

-- Michal Lipson, M.S. Technion 1995, Ph.D. Technion 1998; Cornell associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, and 2010 MacArthur Foundation "Genius Award" winner


"I caught the entrepreneurial bug as an undergrad at Cornell and since have co-founded three businesses with Cornell alumni. Now, as an entrepreneur and an investor that has seeded over 35 companies in New York City, I see every day how Cornell alumni are starting the businesses that create the high-tech jobs that are driving New York City's tech renaissance. Cornell's presence in New York City will be a critical hub to build on and expand the city's large and growing entrepreneurial ecosystem."

-- Micah Rosenbloom '98, who started his first business as a Cornell undergrad and today is chairman and CEO of his third startup, Novophage Inc.; as well as a founder partner at Founder Collective, a leading seed stage investment fund, and an adviser to TechStars NYC, one of the foremost startup accelerators in the world


"The skills I learned at Cornell and the ideas I conceived there empowered me to found Kaltura and develop the open source video management system now used by 120,000 online publishers worldwide. Bringing Cornell's unmatched academic strength to New York City is exactly what we need in order to train the talent that will drive innovation and entrepreneurship and help establish the city's emerging tech sector as the world's best."

-- Dr. Shay David '08, co-founder and vice president of business and community development at Kaltura Inc., an open source video platform providing the first and only open source video solution stack


"As an entrepreneur, I know that New York City's competitive advantage over Silicon Valley has always been entrepreneurs' proximity to real customers in media, advertising, fashion and finance. Cornell's incredible alumni network in New York City -- in the tech sector and across all industries -- will allow Cornell to activate New York City's unique tech ecosystem and establish the city as a world leader in technology innovation."

-- David Lifson '05/'06, co-founder and CEO of Postling, a social media management tool for small businesses, and NYC scout for Angelist, a community of startups and investors making fundraising efficient


"Cornell's excellence in computer science and engineering is world-renowned, and they are truly thought leaders when it comes to the interdisciplinary education and research necessary to build the tech companies of tomorrow. Combining this approach with Cornell's deep roots in New York City's tech sector, the CornellNYC campus will produce the next generation of innovative leaders."

-- Bill Trenchard '97, founder partner of Founder Collective, a leading seed-stage venture capital fund, and co-founder and executive chairman of ReadyForce, a company connecting job-seekers and employers


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