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Davis-Manigaulte honored for NYC extension outreach

Jacqueline Davis-Manigaulte

Jacqueline Davis-Manigaulte ’72 received in May the 2017 National Urban Extension Leadership Award for her work with Cornell University Cooperative Extension-New York City (CUCE-NYC).

Davis-Manigaulte, a senior extension associate, leads Family and Youth Development programs and serves as director of community relations for CUCE-NYC, which often works in partnership with the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research (BCTR) on research and program delivery.

“This is well-deserved recognition of Jackie’s outstanding contributions to urban extension in New York City,” said Chris Watkins, director of Cornell Cooperative Extension. “Working in any urban setting, let alone New York City, presents great challenges. Jackie has successfully turned these into opportunities to engage youth and the community in healthy eating and active living programs. I am proud of her work on behalf of Cornell University.”

Davis-Manigaulte has worked with a wide range of New York City, state and national organizations to provide youth and family programs that promote experiential learning, leadership development and educational attainment, and encourage healthy eating and active living. She is a principal investigator for the National 4-H Youth Mentoring Program/4-H Tech Wizards Program, an initiative focused on youth mentoring, community service, and projects that incorporate science and technology.

“Jackie had a vision of being a transformational educator when she was a Cornell undergraduate student, and she has lived by – and lived up to – that vision,” said Jennifer Tiffany, CUCE-NYC executive director and BCTR director of outreach and community engagement. “Her work promoting family and youth development, high-quality extension programming that is responsive to community needs, and astute network development among agencies and community-based organizations is a model for urban extension.”

“It is a pleasure to collaborate with colleagues throughout the city, state and country to help youth, families and communities based on the research and resources of Cornell University and the Cooperative Extension system,” Davis-Manigaulte said. “Our youth are our future, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to their positive development. I truly appreciate this recognition of my efforts.”

Sheri Hall is a freelance writer.

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