ILR School hub offers NYS-focused COVID-19 information

Aimed at informing workers, unions, employers and policy leaders across New York state, a COVID-19 and Work hub was launched April 16 by the ILR School.

“As the New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, we are committed to leveraging our knowledge and expertise on work, labor and employment to inform the many stakeholders impacted by COVID-19,” said Ariel Avgar, the ILR School’s associate dean for outreach.

Cornell impacting New York State

“The amount of data and information related to the pandemic’s impact on work is staggering,” said Avgar, also an associate professor in the ILR School. “Our goal is to draw on the research and practical work being conducted across ILR to provide accessible, relevant and accurate information to workers, families, communities, unions, employers and policy leaders.”

The hub’s topics include:

“As a New York state land-grant college,” Avgar said, “we’ve built the hub as a centralized resource for New Yorkers, upstate and downstate, including individuals who might be particularly vulnerable during this time: people with disabilities, immigrants, the formerly incarcerated and others.”

ILR faculty, and experts from all corners of New York state, will continue to generate fresh insight in the coming weeks, Avgar said, noting that rapid response to work-related issues is a hallmark of the school.

Mary Catt is the ILR School’s communications director.

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