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Computer program reads math text aloud for the visually impaired

A computer program written by a Cornell University graduate student to help him read his mathematics texts is now helping visually impaired students across the country with their studies. Eventually it may speed the process of recording books for the blind and perhaps lead to an audio browser for the World Wide Web.

Spider silk inspires new model for super fibers of future

Scientists hoping to produce super-tough, bio-inspired fibers are a step closer with a new model for the molecular arrangement of spider silk, proposed by Cornell University researchers in the Jan. 5 issue of the journal Science.

Mighty morphin' pigeon watchers learn science in the city

Inner city schoolchildren all over North America soon will be learning from the pigeons under their feet through the program Project PigeonWatch.

Digital library for computer scientists welcomes participants

More than 30 academic departments and research laboratories are now participating in the Networked Computer Science Technical Report Library (NCSTRL).

The 'Blizzard of '96' already surpasses many snowfall totals from 1993's 'Storm of the Century'

Ten major locations throughout the middle Atlantic region and the Northeastern United States have set snowfall records this week, shattering record snowfall amounts set during the last 'Storm of the Century' in March 1993, according to climatologists at the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell.

Cornell Peace Studies' Judith Reppy attends Norway Nobel ceremonies

The associate director of Cornell's Peace Studies Program was in Norway last month for the presentation of the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize, which went to London scientist Joseph Rotblat and the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, the organization over which Rotblat presides.

Cornell alumnus named peer in Britain's House of Lords

As a graduate student at Cornell during the 1960s, William Wallace '68 wrote his thesis on the revival of Great Britain's Liberal Party. Now he is serving that party in Parliament.

Donald A. Rakow is named director of Cornell Plantations

Donald A. Rakow has been named the Elizabeth Newman Wilds Director of Cornell Plantations, which administers the arboretum, botanical garden and other natural areas of Cornell's campus.

New York's newest big apple, the Fortune, debuts on Jan. 10

GENEVA, N.Y. -- A new big apple in New York will be introduced Jan. 10 by breeders from Cornell University's Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, N.Y. The Fortune apple -- a large, tasty, eating apple -- will debut at the annual New York State Horticultural Show in Rochester, N.Y.

Northeast sets snowfall records as Blizzard of '96 dissipates

While much of the eastern United States digs out from the Blizzard of '96, the snow has stopped falling but snowfall records continue to fall and storm-related anecdotes pile up, according to climatologists from the Northeast Regional Climate Center.