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Book: Policymakers are failing ‘climate refugees’

In her new book, historian Maria Cristina Garcia explains why the U.S. must transform its outdated migration policies to address the human devastation left in the wake of climate change and environmental catastrophe.

Tompkins County living wage study reveals racial disparities

Living wage legislation would lead to pay increases for 30% to 40% of all workers in Tompkins County, and 65% to 75% of Black workers, according to a new policy brief spearheaded by the ILR School. 

Synthetic lava in the lab aids exoplanet exploration

As surveying the cosmos for the new James Webb Space Telescope gets hot, Cornell researchers have modeled and synthesized lava in order to discover far-away, volcanic exoplanets.

Seven postdocs honored with achievement awards

Seven postdoctoral scholars were honored with Postdoc Achievement Awards as part of Cornell’s participation in National Postdoc Appreciation Week. The awards recognize excellence in community engagement, leadership and mentoring.

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Layering, not liquid: Astronomers explain Mars’ watery reflections

Some scientists recently interpreted reflections on Mars as proof of liquid water, but a Cornell researcher has demonstrated that similar reflections can be generated by interference between geological layers, without liquid water.

Researchers to explore effect of big data on dairy farms

A $1.2 million grant from the National Science Foundation will fund research on how big data and tech innovations affect organizational relationships on dairy farms and in the dairy industry.

Hyster wins Fresenius Award for early-career excellence

New tools being developed by the Hyster lab can be applied in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries.

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Study sheds light on precancerous ‘clonal outgrowth’ in blood cells

The blood stem cell mutation, known as DNMT3A R882leads to the growth of a large population of circulating blood cells that also contain this mutation.

Leadership changes strengthen university’s finance, risk offices

The university has announced a reorganization and promotions intended to improve the efficiency and capabilities of finance and risk management operations reporting to Joanne DeStefano, MBA ’97, executive vice president and chief finance officer.

New faculty director takes helm of Office of Undergraduate Biology

One of Nicholson’s priorities is to help students who come from under-resourced high schools.

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Cornell mathematician featured in Netflix film

Strogatz is “passionate about communicating mathematics to the public.” 

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Entrepreneurship faculty win grants for course development

The awards allow faculty affiliated with Entrepreneurship at Cornell to extend their capacity to work with students.

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