Carpets in schools don't compromise indoor air quality, says Cornell researcher

Carpets in schools can help the quality of indoor air by trapping contaminants and allergens, says a Cornell University indoor environmental expert.

New book challenges long-held views of American architectural history

A new book by Mary Woods, professor of architectural history in Cornell's College of Architecture, Art and Planning, shakes up long-held beliefs about how architecture first emerged as a profession in the United States.

Cornell's 1999-2000 distinguished arts awards go to Lawrence Halprin, an influential landscape architect, and Dennis Chang, a classical musician

Lawrence Halprin, a landscape architect in San Francisco whose work helped shape modern landscape design, is the winner of Cornell University's 1999 Distinguished Alumni in the Arts Award.

Chair-mounted split keyboard helps reduce typing risks

Although expensive and complicated to adjust, a split keyboard mounted onto the arms of a worker's chair can help reduce a typist's risk of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and other cumulative trauma disorders, according to a new Cornell study.

Cornell Festschrift honors Colin Rowe, one of architecture's most influential scholars

Colin Rowe, one of architecture's most influential scholars and one of its leading commentators, will be honored with a Festschrift April 26-28 at Cornell University. (March 20, 1996)