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Using microbes, scientists aim to extract rare-earth elements

A U.S. Department of Energy agency has awarded $1 million to Cornell researchers, who are using programmed microbes to mine rare-earth minerals used in consumer electronics and advanced renewable energy.

Study reveals key course features that draw diverse students

A field study conducted by Cornell researchers showed that the way courses are presented online is related to participation by historically underrepresented students.

Smartphone data helps predict schizophrenia relapses

Passive data from smartphones – including movement, ambient sound and sleep patterns – can help predict episodes of schizophrenic relapse, according to new Cornell Tech research.

Earphone tracks facial expressions, even with a face mask

Cornell researchers have invented an earphone that can continuously track full facial expressions – and translate them into emojis or silent speech commands.

Klarman Fellow examines tech policy via social science

Baobao Zhang’s three-year Klarman Postdoctoral Fellowship in the College of Arts and Sciences is an opportunity to research technology policy, particularly on the governance of emerging technologies such as AI.

Summer in the cloud for undergraduate researchers

Four students spent the summer learning about the latest cloud computing technologies as part of the NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates program.


$3.3M gift to support CIS diversity efforts

A $3.3 million gift from the Hopper-Dean Foundation will fund the creation of an Office of Diversity and Inclusion in Computing and Information Science, in addition to new fellowships and support for existing programs.

NSF funding to help erase upstate NY’s digital divide

The NSF has awarded $1.5 million to Cornell engineers to help bridge New York’s digital divide by designing the nation’s first statewide Internet of Things public infrastructure.

Device tracks house appliances through vibration, AI

To boost efficiency in typical households, Cornell researchers have developed a single device that can track 17 types of appliances using vibrations.