Student input adds flavor, variety to halal, kosher meals

Cornell Dining serves more than 750 kosher and halal meals per week – in addition to regular kosher meals at the Center for Jewish Living and commissary items around campus.

Through community, Indigenous students thrive in STEM

Indigenous students in STEM are creating community and working to increase representation and visibility – all while bringing valuable cultural insights and a community-focus to their academic work.

‘A completely different game’: Faculty, students harness AI in the classroom

Faculty members are finding creative ways to deal with generative AI in their courses. Winners of Cornell’s 2024 Teaching Innovation Awards will discuss their approaches on April 11.

Students explore Costa Rica's agriculture and food systems

Global development students got hands-on experience with topics from labor conditions to trade policies and the production of specialty crops such as flowers, pineapples and coffee.

McGraw Tower restoration preserves the past, ensures the future

A $7 million restoration of the tower and Uris Library, underway since summer 2023 and expected to be completed in November, includes replacing roofs, repairing masonry and shoring up a century-old entryway.

Fitzpatrick lauded for career accomplishments

John W. Fitzpatrick, who led the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for 26 years, earns high honors for a lifetime of groundbreaking work in the study of birds. He is the recipient of the James Madison Medal, an alumni award presented by Princeton University.

Around Cornell

Earth to be exhibit A for lunar exoplanet research

With the help of a Cornell researcher, the first radio telescope ever to land on the moon will lay the foundation for detecting habitable planets in our solar system by observing Earth as if it’s an exoplanet.

Sophomore twins and space enthusiasts reach for the stars

Identical twins Ashley and Verena Padres ’26 fell in love with the idea of space exploration and working together at an early age – now they employ and enjoy that spirit of curiosity and collaboration at Cornell.     

Performance, book honor first Black American law graduate

At the height of the Civil War, 9-year-old George W. Fields made a daring escape to freedom with his family. He’d go on to become a member of Cornell Law School’s first graduating class, in 1890.