Susan Daniel wields biomolecular weapons to fight COVID-19

Years before COVID-19 turned into a global pandemic, biomolecular engineer Susan Daniel was already looking for ways to defeat it. Now she’s expanding her coronavirus studies, blending engineering with virology and data science.

Students from across disciplines forge Cornell Blockchain

Undergrads from the School of Hotel Administration collaborated with students from a range of disciplines to create Cornell Blockchain, a club that aims to develop the next generation of blockchain leaders.

Cornell Atkinson: a decade of collaborative sustainability

The Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability is celebrating its 10th anniversary by focusing with renewed urgency on more powerful ways to translate knowledge into action.

Engineering startups harness Cornell’s entrepreneurial energy

Students and faculty in the College of Engineering are leveraging the university’s robust entrepreneurial ecosystem to launch a variety of tech startups.

Silver linings: Innovation, kits, tech animate a hybrid semester

This semester, virtual, in-person and hybrid classes across disciplines are employing innovative ways to leave students with safe but lasting educational experiences.

Cornell unites science and policy to end hunger

Ceres2030, headquartered at Cornell, aims to end world hunger by 2030. Harnessing machine learning and librarian savvy, the project identified the most effective ways to boost crops, empower farmers and protect the environment.

Filmmaker Jeff Palmer tells Native Americans’ untold stories

Emmy-nominated filmmaker Jeffrey Palmer, assistant professor of performing and media arts in the College of Arts and Sciences, tells Native Americans’ untold stories while pushing the limits of documentary film.

New CALS dean sees climate resilience in agriculture

Environmental scientist Benjamin Z. Houlton, the new dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, says agriculture is the most important industry of the 21st century – and a powerful weapon to combat climate change.

Passion for 3D printing, engineering fuels veterinary startup

First-year veterinary student Sean Bellefeuille’s startup creates anatomical models of animals with a 3D-printer. These models help veterinary surgeons better prepare for surgery on their patients.