Andy Rao, professor emeritus of food science, dies at 85

M.A. “Andy” Rao, known as one of the top food scientists in the U.S. and the world during a distinguished career that included more than three decades at Cornell AgriTech, died in July 2022 in Leesburg, Va. He was 85.

Fellowship helps doctoral candidate improve grapevines’ climate resilience

The Bruce Reisch 1976 Graduate Fellowship in Grapevine Improvement, funded by an anonymous donor, is helping horticulture doctoral candidate Hongrui Wang to safeguard the future of grape growing in New York state.

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Hemp cannabinoids may have evolved to deter insect pests

Cannabinoids, naturally occurring compounds found in hemp plants, may have evolved to deter pests from chewing on them, according to experiments that showed higher cannabinoid concentrations in hemp leaves led to proportionately less damage from insect larvae.

Gene discovery may help growers battle grape downy mildew

Researchers at Cornell have discovered a new grape downy mildew resistance gene – giving the wine and grape industry a powerful new tool to combat this devastating disease.

$4.2M grant funds Cornell AES work to better lives in NYS

Cornell AES administers annual federal funding that supports research to improve lives and livelihoods in New York state.

Live plant pathogens can travel on dust across oceans

Plant pathogens can hitch rides on dust and remain viable, with the potential for traveling across the planet to infect areas far afield, a finding with important implications for global food security and for predicting future outbreaks.

Cornell AgriTech summer program draws undergrads from across US

Now in its 15th year, Cornell AgriTech’s Summer Research Scholars Program provides hands-on research experience for undergraduate students.

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Grow-NY startups enrich robust agri-food system

The 20 finalist startups battling for $3 million in prize money in the fifth annual Grow-NY Food and Agriculture Business Competition were selected from more than 320 applicants, including 81 entries from New York state.

Broome County chefs flavor CCE Women of Food event

Cornell Cooperative Extension Broome County’s inaugural “Women of Food” event featured local chefs preparing their signature plates and telling personal stories about the foods and relationships that launched their culinary journeys.