Citizens often act against self-interest in granting police consent

New ILR School research suggests that obtaining true consent is difficult because most people are compliant and struggle to say “no.”

Rwandan leader to give Konvitz lecture

Freddy Mutanguha works to prevent genocide and mass atrocities through peace and humanity education, and advocates for forgiveness as an element of post-conflict reconstruction.

Cornell Bhangra to unite community with ‘intoxicating joy’

The long-standing student dance group – committed to spreading the joys of Punjabi culture and dance – invites the Cornell and Ithaca community to its annual Bhangra showcase, the 21st PAO Bhangra, on March 16.

Agrarian Studio expands with Future of Work fellowship

Hadia Akhtar Khan, a post-doctoral associate, is working with Associate Professor Sarah Besky to build a scholarly community and host conferences at Cornell.

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3 strategies to keep your best employees

Cornell ILR School Professor Brad Bell shares three steps organizations can take to retain their best employees.

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Cornell Center for Social Sciences awards 11 faculty fellowships

The 2024-2025 Cornell Center for Social Sciences (CCSS) faculty fellows represent seven Cornell schools and colleges. Fellows will tackle urgent social issues such as online misinformation, pay transparency laws and the impact of government support on clean energy innovation.

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Number of striking US workers rose 141% in 2023

The number of striking workers in the United States, particularly in private-sector industries, more than doubled from 2022 to 2023, according to a report published Feb. 15 by the ILR School.

Students debate freedom of expression’s impact on business

Students sparred over whether promoting freedom of expression in the workplace drives innovation and improves business, or interferes with decision-making and results in gridlock, during a debate and discussion held Feb. 7 in Ives Hall.

Winning animal health hacks help farmers, veterinary surgeons

The weekend event included 150 students from across campus who formed 30 teams to find innovative solutions to problems related to animal health.

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