ILR research investigates employment match quality

The quality of an employment match is an important aspect of understanding labor market dynamics, according to Professor Michèle Belot, but measuring match quality presents many challenges.

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Solidarity from below: A leftist’s guide to the U.S.-China rivalry

Workers and socially marginalized people in both countries should pressure leaders not to ratchet up rhetoric and to center solidarity across borders, ILR's Eli Friedman argues in a new book.

Cornell team hopes judges say ‘Yes!’ to Nonna’s Nopales gnocchi

Cornell IFT team goes to Chicago with their Nonna’s Nopales futuristic food product – gnocchi made from superfood cactus paddles.

More complaints, worse performance when AI monitors work

Employees prefer human oversight to AI surveillance – unless the technology can be framed as supporting their development, new Cornell research finds.

ILR’s early international path chronicled in “Beyond Borders”

ILR’s early international path chronicled in “Beyond Borders.”

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ILR announces six new faculty

The ILR School will welcome six new faculty members who begin July 1.

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ILR faculty promotions announced

Eight ILR School professors have been named as associate and full professors.

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ILR’s Scheinman Institute facilitating pandemic gear supply chain improvements

A 2024 ILR School Scheinman Institute contract with Technologies for Pandemic Defense will bring labor to the table to facilitate discussions with government, industry and manufacturers of personal protective equipment to support the design and purchase of new respirators and related equipment.

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Abowd Honored for Advancing Computing Field

Professor Emeritus John M. Abowd, who served as chief scientist of the U.S. Census Bureau, will be honored by the Association for Computer Engineering on June 22 in San Francisco, California.

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