Combat gender labor inequalities through policy changes, Blau urges

Combatting the decline in gender progress in the labor market starts with implementing policy interventions, says Professor Francine Blau ’66. 

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Fixed-duration strikes can revitalize labor

“Fixed-duration” strikes – such as the three-day walkout by 15,000 nurses in mid-September – protect worker interests and impose financial and reputation costs on employers, according to new ILR School research.

Sam Wang competes on ‘Jeopardy!’ Sept. 28

Sam Wang, assistant professor of statistics and data science, fulfills a long-time dream of being on “Jeopardy!” Tune in to see how he performs.

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Why test prep for children focuses on math exams

New research shows that the reason children show more progress on math exams than on English exams partially stems from incentives embedded in the way standardized tests are designed.

Tompkins County living wage study reveals racial disparities

Living wage legislation would lead to pay increases for 30% to 40% of all workers in Tompkins County, and 65% to 75% of Black workers, according to a new policy brief spearheaded by the ILR School. 

“Equity in Focus Summit” is Sept. 22

The ILR School and U.S. Department of Labor will host government officials, labor leaders and workers. 

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Testimony to Congress outlines employer anti-union efforts

Most employers continue to engage in coercive and retaliatory practices to limit union activity, a Cornell researcher told the U.S. House of Representatives Labor Committee in testimony Sept. 14.

From methane to microbes: 2030 Project conveys first grants

Eleven 2030 Project grants were awarded to Cornell faculty for an array of fast-track climate solutions, including tools to help New York communities reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Research shows manager movement impacts subordinates' careers

Bonuses and other incentives decrease for employees left behind, but many seek out opportunities within their organizations, according to research co-authored by ILR Associate Professor JR Keller.

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