• Comstock House

    Cornell Rewind: The fluid landscapes of yesteryear

    Elaine Engst and Blaine Friedlander Bookmark 
    Throughout Cornell's history, the campus exists as a fluid representation of history, culture, science, the arts and tradition, which give way to modern mores and contemporary values.
  • home ec teachers

    Cornell Rewind: A secular School for Missionaries

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    From its founding Cornell has been a secular institution, but when the university offered the School for Missionaries from 1930 to 1964 – a four-week course for missionaries on furlough – it became instantly popular.
  • Jacob Gould Schurman

    Cornell Rewind: Lantern slides illuminated lectures

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    In the late 19th century, Cornell students enjoyed visually striking class lectures and extracurricular talks thanks to lantern slides – 4-by-3.25-inch projected glass slides that illustrated all subjects.
  • Duffield Hall

    Engineering to host sesquicentennial celebration Oct. 23-25

    Cornell Engineering celebrates its legacy of leadership and innovation weekend of sesquicentennial celebration events Oct. 23-24 with panels and festivities throughout the weekend.
  • mae jemison

    Cornell Rewind: Exploring our world and beyond

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    Not long after Cornell University opened its doors, professors organized expeditions. For 150 years, the faculty and students have traveled around our globe and others.
  • airplane over Cayuga

    Cornell Rewind: Routes to move-in day have varied

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    To journey to Cornell for starting the fall semester in the university's early years, train travel, ships and steamers served as viable options for arriving on campus.
  • Charter Day Weekend graphic

    Three groups benefit from Charter Day registration fees

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    The university has donated the proceeds – almost $42,000 – from Charter Day Weekend registration fees to the Student Support Fund, the Emergency CARE Fund and the Tompkins County Library Foundation.
  • gold medals

    Cornell wins three 2015 CASE awards

    The Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) has recognized creative work at Cornell with three Circle of Excellence Awards this year.
  • calendar

    Things to Do, June 5-July 1

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    Events in June include the Cornell Savoyards' sesquicentennial adaptation of "Princess Ida"; the fourth IT@Cornell conference, an outdoor screening of "The African Queen," lectures and concerts.
  • Jean Alice Zymansky

    Cornell Rewind: Commencements back in the day

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    As Cornell celebrates its sesquicentennial year, some Commencement customs have not changed while other traditions adapt to the age.