Q&A: Tips for beating burnout, optimizing recovery

Vanessa Bohns, a social psychologist and professor of organizational behavior at the ILR School, says there are ways – starting with intentional rest and recovery – to recalibrate after nearly two years of a pandemic-induced, always-on work mindset.

Afghan women scholars find safe haven at Cornell

The nine undergrads will be arriving on campus through December, thanks to robust international and cross-campus collaborations. Cornell has pledged support until they graduate.

Q&A: COVID-19 and public health investment

For physician and epidemiologist Dr. Jay Varma, the COVID-19 pandemic underscores not only the importance of public health, but also the powerful and pressing role of governments, academic medical centers and other organizations to work together on emerging health threats.

President Pollack recognizes exceptional employees

Teams that supported international students, implemented Cornell’s COVID-19 testing program, and helped the university rapidly pivot to online instruction were among the recipients of the President’s Awards for Employee Excellence.

Aditya Misra, MBA ’13, appointed university auditor

Misra will lead Cornell’s efforts to navigate risk throughout its operations, starting Jan. 4. Misra previously directed audits and investigations at Johnson & Johnson.

Ignite expansion a boon for Cornell startups, technologies

The generosity of an alumna, along with a major infusion of funding from the Office of the Provost, has turbocharged Cornell’s ability to turn promising academic research into viable startups and products.

Quechua language instruction returns to Cornell

The Quechua language returned to Cornell’s curriculum this fall after a 15-year hiatus, thanks to a group of students who organized to bring it back and an instructor who traveled to Ithaca from her home in the Andean highlands of Ecuador.

New dashboard yields insight on postgraduate career paths

A new tool launched by Cornell Career Services provides current Cornell students, graduates and employers with key insights on career and postgraduate outcomes.

First-generation students, staff offer insight, advice

First-generation students bring a unique perspective to their educational experience at Cornell, and the university is committed to fostering opportunities for them.

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