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Dyson School ranked No. 3 by Bloomberg Businessweek

The Dyson School held its third spot thanks to a second-place finish in both student satisfaction and a measure of how many graduates enroll in top-ranked MBA programs, according to Businessweek.

Wealth imbalances, lack of structure drive economic crisis

Alumni and faculty panelists speaking in Washington, D.C., March 19 identified the heart of the world financial crisis: severe imbalances of wealth.

Tech is great for corporate profits, dismal for job market

Steven Berkenfeld '81, managing director of investment banking at Barclays, spoke on campus March 13 on how use of new technologies is hurting the job market.

Hospitality awards to honor Hyatt, Chipotle leaders

The School of Hotel Administration will honor them at its premier event, the fifth annual Cornell Hospitality Icon and Innovator Awards gala, in New York City June 4.

New York's fossil fuel: Gone with the wind, water and sun

Converting New York's energy sources from natural gas, coal and fossil fuel to wind, water and sunlight by 2030 will stabilize electricity prices, reduce power demand and create thousands of jobs.

Green food labels make nutrition-poor food seem healthy

Consumers are more likely to perceive a candy bar as more healthful when it has a green calorie label compared with when it has a red one - even though the number of calories is the same.

Women workers face tradeoffs, researchers find

ILR School shows that fewer U.S. women are entering the work force, and when European women take advantage of state services, they put their career advancement at risk.

Ron Ehrenberg honored by labor association

ILR School Professor Ronald G. Ehrenberg has been named a Labor and Employment Relations Association Fellow.

Natural disasters are especially hard on seniors

Older adults - many with limited mobility or socially isolated - are among the most vulnerable when major weather events paralyze city life, said Elaine Wethington in New York City March 5.