Naturalization ceremony at Cornell welcomes 38 new citizens

Hailing from Azerbaijan to Uruguay, the new United States citizens from 23 different countries attended the first Tompkins County Naturalization Ceremony since the pandemic. 

Beekeeping, hydropower: Cornell Atkinson awards nearly $1M in grants

Cornell Atkinson’s annual Academic Venture Fund will provide nearly $1 million in seed funding to support research teams across five colleges and 11 departments, many with key external partnerships.

Cornell Keynotes podcast: Combining right brain and left brain thinking

Richard Cahoon, a professor at the Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, joins the Cornell Keynotes podcast to explain how we can combine the creative and analytical parts of our minds to give our ideas life and longevity.

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Pinkonomics Podcast covers women in the economy

The Pinkonomics Podcast explores “the economics of womanhood, with perspectives from philosophy, economics, sociology, and law.”

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Cornell Keynotes podcast: Drive sales and marketing success with AI and academic theory

On the Cornell Keynotes podcast, former Cornell SC Johnson College of Business professor Clarence Lee shares how companies can apply academic theory and AI frameworks in sales and marketing.

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Cornell team hopes judges say ‘Yes!’ to Nonna’s Nopales gnocchi

Cornell IFT team goes to Chicago with their Nonna’s Nopales futuristic food product – gnocchi made from superfood cactus paddles.

Cornell Board of Directors Forum set for October in NYC

Designed to provide corporate leaders with critical skills and actionable insights to bring to their boardrooms, the 2024 Cornell Tech Board of Directors Forum is slated for Oct. 29 and 30 in New York City.

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Cornell inventors celebrated at cross-campus event

Cornell inventors are turning visionary ideas into tangible solutions to global challenges. Cornell’s Center for Technology Licensing celebrated their achievements at its inaugural Bearers of Innovation event.

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Aspiring entrepreneurs get inspired at NYC event

Panelists at the “How to Leap into Entrepreneurship” event talked the importance of networking, using their Cornell connections and experiences and developing an ability to handle failure.

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