Study links warm offices to fewer typing errors and higher productivity

Chilly workers not only make more errors but cooler temperatures could increase a worker's hourly labor cost by 10 percent, estimates Alan Hedge, professor of design and environmental analysis and director of Cornell's Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory.

Bureau of Labor Statistics grossly underestimates U.S. jobs lost to outsourcing, report from Cornell and U. Mass. labor experts suggests

A just-released report to a bipartisan Congressional commission documented 48,417 U.S. jobs outsourced to other countries or publicly announced as being scheduled for outsourcing, from January through March 2004.

Steven Belkin of Trans National Group is CU Entrepreneur of the Year

Cornell alumnus Steven B. Belkin, chairman and founder of Trans National Group, will be honored on campus, Oct. 14-15, as Cornell Entrepreneur of the Year 2004.

Corn borer damage can be halved by releasing army of wasps early and just once, says Cornell research report

In a war against the European corn borer, a major pest of sweet corn, Cornell scientists have found that an army of tiny wasps, released just once and early in the season, can reduce damage to ears of corn by half.

What is an ounce of integrity worth in a manager?

It makes cents as well as sense to get your managers to live by their word and not over promise, a study by two professors at leading universities shows.

Cornell to host one site of World Food Day Oct.16 teleconference, featuring Nobel economics laureate Amartya Sen

Cornell will serve as one of the viewing sites for the 17th annual World Food Day teleconference, "Poverty and Hunger: The Tragic Link," featuring a conversation with Amartya Sen, winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Economics.

Couples -- but particularly women -- are scaling back on work to care for families or to have more time for themselves, Cornell Study finds

About three-quarters of middle-income, dual-earner couples in a study in upstate New York -- and almost all of those couples raising children -- "resist the demands of a greedy workplace" by scaling back their work commitments for the sake of their families and to have more discretionary time, according to a new Cornell study.

Ugandan prime minister to speak at Cornell on economic reform Sept. 7

Apolo Nsibambi, prime minister of the Republic of Uganda, will speak at Cornell on Sept. 7, at 7:30 p.m. in Anabel Taylor Hall auditorium. His talk is titled "Political Conditions for Economic Reform and Successful Adjustment in Africa."

Cornell research boosts New York apparel industry: Tip sheet on research and outreach conducted by the apparel faculty at Cornell

The New York state apparel manufacturing industry ships $3.9 billion worth of apparel goods each year and employs more than 87,000 workers. A tip sheet on research and outreach conducted by the apparel faculty at Cornell.