PCCW grant helps support diverse student entrepreneurs

A focus will be introducing the idea of entrepreneurship to students who have never thought about it before.

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Consortium aims to make NYS the world’s AI capital

A consortium aiming to make New York a global leader in artificial intelligence would help Cornell play a role in shaping the future of AI, promote responsible research and development, create jobs and unlock opportunities focused on public good.

Pollack thanks staff for advancing Cornell’s mission

In her annual Address to Staff on Jan. 11 – Ezra Cornell’s 216th birthday – President Martha E. Pollack highlighted achievements that are helping to sustain and re-imagine the university’s founding “… any person … any study” vision.

ChatGPT ‘memorizes’ and spits out entire poems

 Ask ChatGPT to find a well-known poem and it will probably regurgitate the entire text verbatim – regardless of copyright law – according to a new study by Cornell researchers.

Cornell joins National Academies effort to support women of color in tech

Cornell has joined a new Action Collaborative on Transforming Trajectories for Women of Color in Tech, launched by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine along with 34 other institutions representing higher education, national laboratories and government.

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Researchers mold model for more nimble networks

Scholars from Cornell and the Open University of the Netherlands have developed a programmable network model that offers the ability to customize packet scheduling – the air-traffic control mechanism built onto the network switches that make the internet possible.

New method could help estimate wildlife disease spread

A new method could be used by biologists to estimate the prevalence of disease in free-ranging wildlife and help determine how many samples are needed to detect a disease.

Cornell certificate equips leaders with natural language processing skills

Oleg Melnikov, visiting lecturer at the Cornell Bowers College of Computing and Information Science, discusses Cornell’s Natural Language Processing with Python online certificate program.

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Tech companies capitalize on misconceptions of ‘free speech’

Tech expert says social media companies could limit harassing and extremist speech but often choose not to because it serves their bottom line, in her Dec. 7 talk, “Selling Out Free Speech.”