One-size-fits-all content moderation fails the Global South

Social media companies need content moderation systems to keep users safe and prevent the spread of misinformation, but these systems are often based on Western norms, and unfairly penalize users in the Global South, according to new research at Cornell.

Shapeshifters: Can buildings behave like organisms?

With a $3 million National Science Foundation grant, Cornell researchers are creating a new approach to architecture by learning how plants and animals form internal structures.

Innovation award recipients look to the future of student learning

In 2022-2023, the Center for Teaching Innovation awarded five Innovative Teaching & Learning Awards to Cornell faculty. With a goal of facilitating vibrant, challenging, and reflective learning experiences at Cornell, these awards sponsor projects across the colleges that explore new tools and emerging technologies, approaches, and teaching strategies. CTI is now accepting pre-applications for the 2023-2024 Innovative Teaching and Learning Awards – the deadline is April 17.

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Ten inducted into Bouchet Graduate Honor Society

Eight doctoral candidates and two postdocs were inducted into the Cornell Chapter of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society, which recognizes scholarly achievement and promotes diversity in doctoral education.

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Milstein speaker to explore “The Battle for Your Brain”

Nita Farahany, a scholar who focuses on ethical, legal, and social implications of emerging technologies, will be the featured speaker for an April 12 event hosted by the Milstein Program in Technology & Humanity.

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AI-equipped eyeglasses can read silent speech

The eyeglasses, called EchoSpeech, use acoustic-sensing and artificial intelligence to continuously recognize up to 31 unvocalized commands, based on lip and mouth movements.

AI tool gains doctors’ trust by giving advice like a colleague

Hospitals have begun using “decision support tools” powered by artificial intelligence that can diagnose disease, suggest treatment or predict a surgery’s outcome. 

Study uncovers social cost of using AI in conversations

People have more efficient conversations, use more positive language and perceive each other more positively when using an artificial intelligence-enabled chat tool, a group of Cornell researchers has found.

Computer science and statistics Ph.D. candidates win Three Minute Thesis competition

Ph.D. candidates Yurong You and Kim Hochstedler tied for first place in the eighth Cornell Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition. 3MT challenges graduate students to present their thesis research compellingly to general audiences in just three minutes.

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