Google announces inaugural cohort in cybersecurity initiative

The initiative is designed to improve standards of online privacy, safety and security, and to establish New York City as the epicenter of cybersecurity research.

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Software creates entirely new views from existing video

Filmmakers may soon be able to stabilize shaky video, change viewpoints and create freeze-frame, zoom and slow-motion effects – without shooting any new footage – thanks to an algorithm developed by researchers at Cornell University and Google Research.

Data scientists predict stock returns with AI and online news

Researchers have built a new, interpretable machine-learning framework that captures stock- and industry-specific information and predicts financial returns with greater accuracy than traditional models.

Game-playing automaton acts like an ‘irrational’ human

When researchers limited the memories of automatons competing in a wildlife poaching game, the computer took the same kinds of decision-making shortcuts as actual humans playing the game.

New center merges math, AI to push frontiers of science

With artificial intelligence poised to assist in profound scientific discoveries that will change the world, Cornell is leading a new $11.3 million center focused on human-AI collaboration that uses mathematics as a common language.

Foster receives Robin Milner Young Researcher Award

The 2023 Robin Milner Award recognizes Foster's outstanding research in programming languages.

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Dashcam images reveal where police are deployed

Using a deep learning computer model and dashcam images from New York City rideshare drivers, Cornell Tech researchers were able to see which neighborhoods had the highest numbers of New York Police Department marked vehicles.

Steven Jackson named vice provost for academic innovation

Steven Jackson, professor of information science in the Ann S. Bowers College of Computing and Information Science, with a dual appointment in the College of Arts and Sciences, has been named vice provost for academic innovation.

Tardos honored with 2023 Knuth Prize

The Knuth Prize recognizes the foundational, long-term impact of Tardos’ pioneering work in algorithms.

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