Denny's diversity officer, Rachelle Hood-Phillips, to speak Sept. 26

Rachelle Hood-Phillips, chief diversity officer of Denny's Restaurants, will deliver a talk at Cornell Sept. 26. The talk will take place from 4 to 5 p.m in 305 Ives Hall and is free and open to the public.

On its first American tour, the Zimbabwe Group Leaders Mbira Ensemble will give a free concert

This weekend, the Department of Music is presenting two concerts to celebrate world music at Cornell. Both events are free and open to the public. (Oct. 14, 1999)

Gaypril '97 celebrations will include Day of Silence and mini-conference

The Cornell lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community is planning a broad range of cultural and educational programs throughout 'Gaypril.'

The impact of law on women is focus of Cornell Law School conference April 4-6

Issues of reproductive rights and violence against women take the spotlight in a national conference, 'Bodies, Boundaries and Beyond: The Impact of the Law on Women,' to be held April 4 through 6 at the Cornell Law School.

CUSLAR will host 'Sweatshop Fashion Show' to highlight workers' plight

Cornell's Committee on U.S.--Latin American Relations will host a 'Sweatshop Fashion Show' to highlight the treacherous working conditions of garment industry workers in the United States and Latin America.

President's Council of Cornell Women to meet for annual spring conference at Cornell on March 7-9

Offering career networking for students and reviewing recent developments at their alma mater will be the focus of the annual spring conference of the President's Council of Cornell Women when it meets on March 7-9.

Cornell Black History Month '97: From Ghanian flags to "Race, Gender and the Law"

Black History Month is about "recognizing the fact that African-Americans as a people made major contributions to American history and culture," says Margaret Washington, an associate professor of history at Cornell.

William Julius Wilson discusses consequences of ghetto joblessness

William Julius Wilson was the opening speaker Oct. 19 at a symposium titled "American Society: Diversity and Consensus," honoring another heavyweight sociologist, Cornell's Robin M. Williams Jr., the Henry Scarborough Professor of Social Sciences Emeritus.

Hyundai Motor Company sends ‘superstar’ executives to Cornell’s Johnson School in quest to enter Global Top 10 Intense eight-month program restricts family visits, demands academic excellence

Hyundai has dispatched more than two dozen of its “superstar” executives to the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell for an eight-month stay to learn business management skills and gain a global perspective on manufacturing. The participants, who range in age from 37 to 50, are being groomed as the next generation of senior and top-level managers.