One-size-fits-all content moderation fails the Global South

Social media companies need content moderation systems to keep users safe and prevent the spread of misinformation, but these systems are often based on Western norms, and unfairly penalize users in the Global South, according to new research at Cornell.

Maureen Waller will study driver’s license suspensions as an Access to Justice Scholar

Maureen Waller, a professor in the Cornell Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy and the Department of Sociology, will study racial and economic disparities in driver’s license suspensions through her selection as Access to Justice Scholar. Waller will examine people’s lived experiences with having a suspended license as well as recent and potential reforms in New York to end “debt-based” suspensions.  

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A movement brings community, visibility to neurodiversity at Cornell

Through community-building and advocacy, Neurodiversity @ Cornell is helping neurodivergent students and staff flourish at Cornell. 

New library acquisitions advance academic distinction, diverse scholarship

With an additional $1 million to its 2023 collections budget, Cornell University Library expands resources for scholars.

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Remember me? Gender, race may make you forgettable

Systemic biases in the way we remember people could influence social networks important to career advancement, new economics research finds.

Cornell admits ‘extraordinary’ Class of 2027

Academic rigor, entrepreneurial achievement and commitment to community stands out in the 4,994 students admitted to the Class of 2027 – 3,324 of whom were notified of their acceptance on March 30.

Losing key type of pancreatic cell may contribute to diabetes

Multiple types of beta cells produce insulin in the pancreas, helping to balance blood sugar levels. Losing a particularly productive type of beta cell may contribute to the development of diabetes, according to a new study by Weill Cornell Medicine investigators.

How Margaret Rossiter uncovered the hidden women of science

Rossiter's work changed history and shed light on the many ways women were involved in the advancement of science, as well as how they were pushed out of the field.

Conference offers new ways to think about hiring

An all-day Cornell conference open to the public will help hiring professionals and others learn ways to create a more inclusive workforce – thinking beyond the traditional definitions of that phrase.