ILR School experts and alumni leading discourse on NYC pay transparency law

Closing pay gaps will require employers, some of whom have little infrastructure or capacity to uphold the law, to think carefully about their compensation spectrum, experts said at an ILR forum. 

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New computational method builds detailed maps of human tissues

The new approach promises to accelerate studies on organ-scale cellular interactions and could enable powerful new diagnostic strategies for a wide range of diseases.

Conference features insightful advice, stories from entrepreneurs

The Eclectic Convergence conference included talks from six entrepreneurs, business executives and venture capitalists, as well as a pitch competition.

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eLab companies pitch ideas to NYC audience

The event wasn’t a contest, but rather a chance for the students to share their progress so far and ask audience members for their help.

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Linked databases aid long-term device surveillance

By linking a national vascular registry with medical data records in Medicare claims for patients who underwent endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, a team of researchers from across the country was able to identify which devices posed the most risk for reintervention.

Cornell to co-lead UN agency’s new agrifood initiative

Ideas that sprang from a pre-pandemic panel discussion at Cornell now inform a United Nations initiative aimed to meet looming global food needs in a healthy, equitable and sustainable way.

Corrupt endothelial cells protect blood cancer cells from chemotherapy

Endothelial cells – the cells that line blood vessels – grown alongside leukemia cells become corrupted and rescue the cancer cells from many chemotherapy drugs, a study by Weill Cornell Medicine investigators found.

Embracing the audacity of ambition: Future planners explore challenging climate questions facing the field

Students participating in this year's City and Regional Planning fall field trip to sites across New York City considered the many ways climate change impacts urban environments — physically, economically, socially, and environmentally — as well as disparities in resources dedicated to adaptation in different parts of the city.

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Cornell, DEC team up for green Hudson Valley land planning

Through a long partnership between Cornell and the DEC, communities in the Hudson watershed have received training, tools and assistance to advance conservation land-use planning and policy.