Delayed consciousness recovery is common for COVID patients on respirators

Most patients with severe COVID who are put on ventilators regain consciousness after removal of respiratory support, but recovery may take weeks after the period of mechanical ventilation has ended, according to a new study.

Hotel Ezra Cornell drink winners play up pineapple

The student-created signature drinks for Hotel Ezra Cornell 97 to celebrate the Nolan School of Hotel Administration’s centennial, feature the humble pineapple, long a hospitality symbol.

Cornell, partners seek to grow STEM recruiting program

A summit hosted at Cornell Tech on Feb. 28 brought together more than 50 principals, guidance counselors, students and leaders from community-based organizations to discuss how to grow Cornell’s Bridge Scholars program from a successful pilot initiative into a nation-wide collaborative.

Hormone may contribute to infertility in PCOS

Anti-Mullerian hormone, traditionally thought of as a passive byproduct of polycystic ovary syndrome, may actually play an active role in the disorder, according to new research.

Creating Our Robotic Allies

When we think of having our own handy multi-purpose robots, we tend to picture something out of Star Wars or The Jetsons — but the useful technology of the ‘future’ may not be as far off as we think. Maria Bauza Villalonga, PhD student at MIT, hosted a Seminar @ Cornell Tech to show how robots can become our best allies.

Around Cornell

Discovery may help reduce side effects of MS drugs

Investigators from Weill Cornell Medicine and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center have discovered how a drug for multiple sclerosis interacts with its targets, a finding that may pave the way for better treatments.

Grant from Meta to spark Cornell research into AR, VR

Powering augmented and virtual reality technologies to tackle real-world problems is the focus of a two-year, $1.8 million grant from Meta and Spark AR to Cornell Bowers CIS and Cornell Tech’s XR Collaboratory.

Staff News

Virtual reality farm tour expands access to urban agriculture

Cornell researchers have created the most advanced virtual reality urban farm tour ever made, an online learning experience that promises to transport urban and rural farmers to New York City’s Red Hook Farms without ever leaving home.

Scientists identify key regulator of malaria parasite spread

A finding from Weill Cornell Medicine researchers sheds new light on the transmission of malaria, one of the biggest global public health challenges.