Annual Life Quality Meeting celebrates work and the family

The 9th Annual Life Quality Meeting was held Oct. 15 to celebrate 20 years of Cornell's commitment to work and life concerns. (Oct. 24, 2008)

TIAA-CREF, Fidelity Web sites address economic turbulence

In light of recent turbulence in the financial markets, TIAA-CREF and Fidelity have ramped up their communications, both on the Web and through e-mails, to clients. (Oct. 24, 2008)

Library's Tom Cotton on serving his country in Kuwait

Library employee Tom Cotton brought back an American flag that had flown over his base in Kuwait as a way of thanking Cornell Library for supporting him during his nine months of active duty. (Oct. 16, 2008)

Investing during uncertain times

In light of the economic crisis, Mary Zielinski, assistant director and manager of retirement programs in Cornell's Benefit Services office, provides some answers to investment questions. (Oct. 9, 2008)

How to reduce your risk for exposure to chemicals that affect breast cancer

Beth McKinney provides firsthand perspective on a campus presentation about environmental estrogens and their role in increasing the risk of breast cancer. Two more talks on the issue will be held Oct. 15 and 22. (Oct. 9, 2008)

PeopleSoft brings power to campus, despite complexity and some challenges

The new PeopleSoft computer system is not so much about technology as it is about better business practices and capabilities the university didn't have before. (Oct. 2, 2008)

ILR professor provides tips on retaining top talent

Why do employees leave? What motivates good employees to stay? How skilled an employee's supervisor is plays a major role, a new study shows. (Oct. 2, 2008)

Tickets on sale for Nov. 1 Cornell Employee Celebration

Tickets are on sale until Oct. 24 for the Annual Cornell Employee Celebration, Nov. 1. The celebration features Cornell athletic events and a community dinner in Barton Hall, 3-5 p.m. (Oct. 2, 2008)

Healthy Living plan gets easier for participants

Endowed employees enrolled in the Cornell Program for Healthy Living will no longer need a fitness certificate to receive monthly discounts from fitness centers at Ithaca YMCA or Island Fitness. (Oct. 2, 2008)