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Study: Ancient people in Turkey adapted to climate change

A new study – led by archaeologists from Cornell and from the University of Toronto, working in southeastern Turkey – reveals evidence of resilience and even of a flourishing ancient society despite changes in climate.

Professor studying Pompeii honored by National Geographic

Caitlín Barrett, associate professor of classics in the College of Arts and Sciences, has been named a National Geographic Explorer after receiving a grant from the National Geographic Society to study daily life in ancient Rome.

Book examines Black Jewish indigeneity in South Africa

In his new book, “Genetic Afterlives,” Noah Tamarkin, assistant professor of anthropology, takes an ethnographic approach to discussing the Lemba, a group living in South Africa with ties to the Jewish diaspora.

Wilkerson: US must reckon with ‘long shadow’ of caste system

Isabel Wilkerson, journalist and author of “Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents,” on Oct. 21 delivered the Cornell Center for Social Sciences’ annual Distinguished Lecture in the Social Sciences.

Family ties abound in Cornell University Library archives

Digging deep into family history? Try Cornell University Library. Not only a trove of primary sources for scholarship, the numerous archives of Cornell University Library also can bring back vivid memories and illuminate gaps in personal stories.


You Can Make it Happen: Fall 2020

You Can Make it Happen: makers in information science, music on the Arts Quad, conservation of an important work of art, and digitization of campus activism collection.


Journaling project, now global, welcomes COVID-19 stories

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolded, students in Janis Whitlock’s graduate seminar on translational research found themselves in a unique position – being able to participate in a widespread journaling project to record their hopes, fears and routines, chronicling COVID-19’s effects on their daily lives and relationships.


‘Democracy Contested?’ forum panel to meet online Oct. 29

David Bateman, associate professor of government in the College of Arts and Sciences, will moderate “Democracy Contested?” in an online Cornell community forum Oct. 29 with three fellow faculty experts.

Digitization grants awarded to Arts and Sciences projects

Cornell University Library’s annual Grants Program for Digital Collections in Arts and Sciences is funding three projects aimed at conserving fragile, physical artifacts and digitizing them for research and scholarship.