Student grants serve communities from New York to Ethiopia

Students aim to reduce aviation emissions, support farmworkers and improve a New York animal shelter with the David M. Einhorn Center for Community Engagement’s Serve in Place awards.

Leaving your comfort zone inspires motivation, growth

Developing a skill such as public speaking can be uncomfortable and difficult, but new research shows that instead of avoiding embarrassment, seeking it out can actually result in better motivation and personal growth.

NASA engineer is Alabama’s first certified Black woman winemaker

After honing her wine skills through eCornell classes, NASA engineer Rada Griffin launched Anissa Wakefield Wines, becoming the first certified Black woman winemaker in Alabama.

How YouTube can fix its demonetization strategy

New research shows that if YouTube wants to truly impact channels that distribute problematic content, it should develop a shared database of demonetized users with Patreon and Twitch to prevent them from using each other’s platforms.

Can combining finances lead to long-lasting love?

A new study shows that it pays to pool finances if you’re seeking a higher level of satisfaction, harmony and commitment in your serious relationship or marriage.

Powerful people feel, express less gratitude

Powerful people in the upper echelons of organizations have plenty to be grateful for, but new research from Cornell Assistant Professor Alice Lee indicates that higher-power individuals feel and express less gratitude to their subordinates.

2022 W.E. Cornell cohort celebrates STEM innovation

A select group of student entrepreneurs are chosen from W.E. Cornell's fall cohort to participate in its spring cohort where they conduct customer discovery and hone their business models. 

Around Cornell

Sperm research spawns new tests to detect stroke, concussion

Researchers at the College of Veterinary Medicine plan to develop an enzyme-based technology into a range of diagnostic tests that can be performed anywhere using a handheld device.

“Startup Cornell” podcast features founders of StaffOnTap

StaffOnTap is a digital marketplace that fills long-term care provider’s scheduling needs by connecting them to temp nurses in the area.

Around Cornell