ILR scientist teaches COVID workplace safety

Many in the workforce have turned to Nellie Brown, director of Workplace Health and Safety Programs at the ILR School, for guidance on how to keep their workplaces safe from COVID-19

Partnership seeks international businesses for Southern Tier

A $1.6 million federal grant will establish a regional hub designed to attract foreign startups and growing companies to the Southern Tier region.

Study: European diets need to change to reduce climate impact

The amount of poultry in European diets isn’t conducive to an optimal food system, which prioritizes crops that produce healthy foods while reducing or reusing waste streams.

Immigrant starting salaries vary by job pathway

Internally hired immigrants tend to have higher base starting salaries than externally hired immigrants, a new ILR School study has found.

Federal laws push food safety stragglers to move forward

Strengthening existing federal food safety laws can keep producers – and those all along the supply chain – from lagging behind industry standards to protect consumers.

Nolan School alumni co-found local cannabis company

Cameron Wesley Scott, M.M.H. ’21, and Jeremiah Swain, M.M.H. ’20, hope to create one of upstate New York’s first boutique cannabis hotels and make social change at the same time.

Superheated steam can nix pathogens in dry food processing

In the arid world of processing flour and food powders, where using water to sanitize is impossible, Cornell researchers are studying dry, superheated steam.

Refugees in U.S. struggle to find long-term work

Refugees are less likely to be employed the longer they live in the United States, despite unique and early access to employment services, according to new research co-authored by Shannon Gleeson of the ILR School.

Historic gift funds the deanship and research at the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business

A $15 million gift from Joanne Knight establishes the Charles Field Knight Deanship in honor of her late husband, Chuck Knight ’57, BME ’58, MBA ’59.

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