Awareness, not mandatory GMO labels, shifts consumer preference

An increase in consumer awareness around GMO-related topics – such as news coverage of legislative debate – is linked to an increase in demand for non-GMO products, even in states that didn’t ultimately pass GMO labeling laws, a new study finds.

Social media boycott of Goya did not harm sales

With instances of so-called political consumerism continually hitting the headlines in today’s politically polarized environment, Cornell researchers sought to understand the actual sales effect of social media posts targeting specific brands.

Startup Cornell podcast features ‘Roman to the Rescue’ star vet

Aziza Glass D.V.M. ‘15, owner of Personal Touch Veterinary Clinic and a star on the Disney XD and Hulu show “Roman to the Rescue." is the next guest on the Startup Cornell podcast.

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Milstein students spend summer producing, questioning, exploring

Students in the Milstein Program in Technology & Humanity spent eight weeks this summer exploring New York City and thinking deeply about the implications of technology.

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Are Costly New Prescription Drugs Worth the Price?

Some countries use a relatively straightforward cost-effectiveness analysis to decide whether to green light insurance coverage of prescription drugs. That can prevent new drugs from entering the market that would be highly sought after by patients who value costlier care.

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Digitization program calls for applications

Making a difference one digital collection at a time, the library's grants program partners with faculty and Ph.D. students.

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Cornell group to comb data from Lake Superior sailing drones

Seafaring drones soon will allow Cornell scientists to examine the abundance and distribution of forage fish – like zooplankton and shrimp – that nourish species higher on the food chain.

Johnson Summer Startup Accelerator takes NYC

Student entrepreneurs in the Johnson Summer Startup Accelerator gathered in Manhattan for the first annual JSSA New York City Trek, a day dedicated to engaging with NYC-based investors, founders, and entrepreneurs. 

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Plant-based ‘beef’ reduces CO2 but threatens ag jobs

Plant-based alternatives to beef will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, but they could disrupt the agricultural workforce, threatening more than 1.5 million industry jobs.