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Ithaca campus moving to COVID alert level green

Cornell administrators announced that the university would be changing its COVID-19 alert level back to “New Normal,” citing a low positivity rate and the success of the surveillance testing program.

New app a lifeline for eggplant farmers in Bangladesh

A new app co-developed by Cornell researchers is expected to streamline information-sharing, during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, for farmers in Bangladesh growing genetically engineered eggplant.

Engineered bacteria churn out cancer biomarkers

Researchers successfully engineered E. coli bacteria to produce O-linked glycoproteins – research that will illuminate the complex process of glycosylation and the role that protein-linked glycans play in health and disease.

Cornell Leadership Sessions: start of semester updates

In the first video of the new series, President Martha E. Pollack and Provost Michael Kotlikoff discuss the start of the semester, COVID-19 testing and how Cornell is working to protect the campus community and greater Ithaca area.

Giving to Cornell surges despite challenging times

Alumni, parents, and friends came together to support Cornell students and stay connected during fiscal year 2020 despite numerous challenging factors, including a global pandemic and economic crisis.


‘Adaptive testing’ quickly IDs infections within social circles

The aggressive approach, which supplements other campus efforts to slow the virus’s spread, expands testing to those who may not meet the definition of a close contact.

Cornell opens Fall 2020 semester

The first day of fall classes found students returning to a new kind of campus, one that is quieter, less crowded and very different from the one they left back in March.

Ithaca campus moving to COVID alert level yellow

Cornell administrators announced Sept. 3 that the campus is changing the COVID-19 alert status due to the recent increase in positive test results.

Fall 2020: Season of change on Ithaca campus

In a time of great uncertainty, one thing is for sure: Cornell’s fall semester will look like no other.