Precision laser surgery cuts focal epileptic seizure spread

An interdisciplinary Cornell research team has developed a new surgical technique that blocks the spread of focal epileptic seizures in the brain by making precise incisions with femtosecond laser pulses.

CROPPS welcomes 2024 REU class

The Center for Research on Programmable Plant Systems is welcomes the 2024 cohort of the National Science Foundation-funded Research Experiences for Undergraduates program.

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2024 Kessler Fellows embark on summer internships

The 2024 Kessler Fellows have accepted internships and will spend the summer gaining firsthand entrepreneurial experience in industries ranging from supersonic airliners to a sustainable interior design company. This year's fellows had an interest in international startups, with some heading to Shanghai, Kent, Edinburgh and Wales to pursue their summer internships.

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Silveira attends African clean-cooking global summit

Semida Silveira, professor of practice in systems engineering, was invited to participate at the “Summit on Clean Cooking in Africa” hosted by the International Energy Agency on May 14.

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ALI announces 2024-2027 postdoctoral fellowship recipients

The Active Learning Initiative has awarded three postdoctoral fellowships to support a teaching postdoctoral fellow as they work with a team of faculty members in departments that want to take a more systematic or holistic approach to introducing active learning into their courses.

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Students help Ithaca building owners see progress on emissions

Since 2016, students have worked to calculate and share the progress of the Ithaca 2030 District, an initiative to reduce the carbon footprint of Ithaca’s commercial buildings.

Southern Tier officials tap Cornell expertise to envision smart cities

Broome County is enlisting the expertise of Cornell researchers and other specialists to implement advanced “smart city” technology, aiming to potentially enhance flood warnings, provide real-time parking updates and optimize waste management.

‘Cloaked’ proteins deliver cancer-killing therapeutics into cells

An interdisciplinary collaboration has designed a way to “cloak” proteins so they can be captured by lipid nanoparticles and delivered into living cells, where the proteins uncloak and exert their therapeutic effect.

‘Ready to serve’: ROTC grads commissioned as officers

At a May 24 ceremony in Statler Auditorium, 21 graduating members of the Tri-Service Brigade received commissions as officers in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Space Force.