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Gene discovery may help peaches tolerate climate stress

A team led by a Boyce Thompson Institute researcher has identified genes enabling peaches and their wild relatives to tolerate stressful conditions – findings that could help the domesticated peach adapt to climate change.

New grants spark food security research in Africa

Two graduate students have received funding for research focused on increasing food security in Africa from the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability.

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Jenny Goldstein explores Indonesia’s environmental crises

Jenny Goldstein, assistant professor of global development, studies the intersection of power dynamics, the environment, and the meaning of place and space in Indonesia.

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Migrations grants to fund research on racism, dispossession

New grants from the Migrations initiative seeks to support work in migrations-related research, pedagogy and engagement with a specific focus on racism and dispossession.

March 8 event to elevate women artists on Wikipedia

Art + Feminism Wikipedia edit-a-thon uses the power of research to celebrate the lives and works of underrepresented women artists.

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Indian MP Rahul Gandhi to speak on democracy March 2

Rahul Gandhi, member of India’s Parliament and former president of the Indian National Congress, will join Kaushik Basu for an open conversation on democracy, development, and life in politics, India, and the world March 2.

System of Rice Intensification recognized for climate policy impact

The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) has been named as a 2020 climate policy "breakthrough" for government initiatives in Vietnam to increase agricultural production there while reducing methane emissions from rice paddies.

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Study: European unions’ support varies for precarious workers

In many cases, unions in Europe have helped nonunionized workers whose jobs are precarious, according to new Cornell research.

Kasich: To solve America’s problems, work together

Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich decried the negativity of current politics and urged people across the political spectrum to work together to find solutions during a conversation Feb. 17.