Most of the land humans need to thrive is unprotected

More than 80% of global land area needed to maintain human well-being and meet biodiversity targets is at risk of conflict with human development, according to a new study led by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Digitized images illuminate U.S. colonial period in the Philippines

A Cornell graduate student partners with library experts to create an online collection of images of the Philippines during the early days of American annexation.

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Self-portraits give voice to vulnerable Cambodian fishing communities

A new study, which brought together Cornell researchers, Cambodian fishers and Cambodian researchers, had study participants take photos that researchers then use to facilitate interviews and group discussions during which the subjects share their life experiences and perspectives.

Tracing Indian Ocean slavery through Iranian cinema

In a new book, Professor Parisa Vaziri explores how Iranian cinema preserves the legacy of Indian Ocean slavery. Vaziri said she wrote to “discard the tired clichés that have traditionally haunted the scholarly literature on Indian Ocean slavery.” 

In India, computer typists embody ‘fuzzy’ nature of state borders

In a new study, anthropologist Natasha Raheja explores how borders between countries are much more blurred than the hard lines on the map.

Undergraduates celebrate Latinx history through Rockefeller Hall exhibition

Students in Cornell’s Introduction to Latinx Studies course celebrated Latino/a roots through an exhibit of collaborative mixed media projects.

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Brokers play important role in regulating migrant workers in China

New research authored by an ILR School doctoral student examines the interplay between private labor brokers and local state actors in Chinese migrant worker regulations.

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Meat alternatives could feed humans more sustainably

Lab-grown meat, food created by microorganisms and plant-based foods that mimic the taste of meat could help reduce environmental impacts of food systems, a new UN report co-authored by Cornell researchers finds.

Celebrating Heather Henyon's mission to invest in woman entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneur Heather Henyon, MBA ’03, was honored with the 2023 Cañizares Award for Distinguished Alumni in International Business and Emerging Markets.

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