In Lund debate, panelists chart different paths to climate justice

Journalist Kate Aronoff and security expert Joshua Busby will look at climate justice issues through different lenses during this year’s Lund Critical Debate from the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies on April 11. 

Klarman Fellow: Digital media connects people in a polarized world

Situated at the intersection of media and politics, Shiqi Lin's research explores how critical media culture can push open new spaces for social participation and how new forms of media can bring people together, particularly at times of crisis and radical change.

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Protect habitat to prevent pandemics

While world public health agencies are focused on how to react to the next pandemic once it has started, a new plan proposes using ecological perspectives to prevent disease outbreaks before they happen.

Crypto, green hydrogen form ‘dynamic duo’ to thwart climate change

Cornell engineers say that pairing crypto mining – notable for consuming carbon-based fuel – with green hydrogen could provide for wider deployment of renewable energy, such as solar and wind power.

Talk by Italian author on his writing and his papers donated to the library, March 26

Alain Elkann discusses his literary and journalistic work at library-hosted event. 

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Insect-based food: sustainable, nutritious – but not religious

Eating flours, burgers and fitness bars made from crickets, mealworms or black soldier fly larvae could help feed a growing global population sustainably, but it might hit resistance from those who follow halal or kosher regulations.

Students explore Costa Rica's agriculture and food systems

Global development students got hands-on experience with topics from labor conditions to trade policies and the production of specialty crops such as flowers, pineapples and coffee.

Funding connects undergrads to sustainability research

Cornell Atkinson has announced four new projects to be funded through Summer Undergraduate Mentored Research Grants.

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Choosing connection: Physics professor teaches Arab youth in Israel

Professor Yuval Grossman has been traveling to Israel to lead math and physics activities with young people in Arab villages since 2019. His most recent trip was in January.