People over numbers: Book charts China’s neopolitical turn

In a new book, “Seeking Truth and Hiding Facts,” Jeremy Lee Wallace, associate professor of government, explains why a few numbers long defined Chinese politics – until they no longer measured up.

Cornell students to work at UN’s COP27 conference in Egypt

At the upcoming Conference of the Parties – best known as COP27 – 11 Cornell students will help delegations from small countries gain a stronger environmental voice.

Conference features insightful advice, stories from entrepreneurs

The Eclectic Convergence conference included talks from six entrepreneurs, business executives and venture capitalists, as well as a pitch competition.

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Polarization research in Ecuador underscores risks to U.S. democracy

From Ken Roberts' recent research in Ecuador and evidence ripped from headlines worldwide, when political parties stoke partisan conflicts – often by contesting formal state institutions, like systems for managing elections – actual democratic capacity may take a hit as public opinion polarizes.

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Scholar offers talk about Brazilian crackdowns and feminist response

Angela Figueiredo's talk is one of three in the African Diaspora Knowledge Exchange Series.

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Cornell to co-lead UN agency’s new agrifood initiative

Ideas that sprang from a pre-pandemic panel discussion at Cornell now inform a United Nations initiative aimed to meet looming global food needs in a healthy, equitable and sustainable way.

Migrating birds drawn by light face higher chemical exposure

Birds attracted by the glow of artificial light at night are drawn into areas where they are also exposed to higher concentrations of airborne toxic chemicals, according to a study from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

New Project Will Reveal True Cost of India’s Food Subsidies

A new project from the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI) aims to estimate the true cost of the PDS by accounting for hidden costs like the health and environmental impacts of the program.

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Library events highlight open access research

Library celebrates Open Access Week with talks, panels

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