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Program promotes African links, diversity in plant sciences

The Cornell Assistantship for Horticulture in Africa, a program that brings master’s students from sub-Saharan Africa to Cornell to complete doctorate degrees in horticulture, has now added a second assistantship for African Americans. 

In the virtual front row, Cornell students saw COP26 unfold

During the COP26 climate change conference, 45 Cornell undergraduate and graduate students plugged in from Ithaca to hear international negotiations first-hand and environmental history.

Visiting journalist humanizes the immigration issue

Molly O’Toole '09, the Zubrow Distinguished Visiting Journalist Fellow in the College of Arts & Sciences this semester, shared career advice, political insights and anecdotes from her work and life during two recent talks.

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Making the case to reform international law enforcement

ILR Assistant Professor Desiree LeClercq argues that, while it will be difficult, international organizations must regain control over the enforcement of international law.

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Cornell graduate award to accelerate niche research in global development

A new graduate award will empower Cornell graduate students in global development to pursue innovative thinking in their studies and careers.  The Ronny Adhikarya Niche Award (RANA) provides $10,000 in funding to either a…

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Rural Bangladeshis turn to faith, family for fact-checking

New Cornell research finds that in remote parts of Bangladesh with little internet access, people have relied on local experts, spiritual views and their sense of social justice to evaluate new coronavirus information.

Cornell, Puerto Rican students to connect for food security innovation

The project will prepare agricultural students to develop skills, knowledge and abilities in sustainable agriculture and natural resource management on the island.

Farid Ferdows ’21: ‘For those who dream, Cornell is your place’

Ferdows, who served as an Afghan interpreter for the U.S. Army, says Cornell welcomed him with academic support, financial aid and camaraderie with other veteran students.

NSF awards $1.3M to CCAT-prime telescope project

The CCAT-prime telescope project – being developed by an international consortium of universities, led by Cornell – has been awarded $1.3 million by the National Science Foundation.