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Indian women’s nutrition suffered during COVID-19 lockdown

The 2020 nationwide lockdown India imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic caused disruptions that negatively impacted women’s nutrition, according to a new study from the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition.

New insights on flowering could boost cassava crops

Two new publications examining cassava flowering reveal insights into the genetic and environmental factors underpinning one of the world’s most critical food security crops.

The post-COVID future of the apparel industry

A new paper from ILR’s New Conversation Project differentiates between apparel industry changes brought on by COVID-19 and those that result from the industry’s natural trajectory. 

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Vaccine acceptance higher in developing nations than U.S.

Personal protection against COVID-19 was the main reason given for vaccine acceptance among respondents in low- and middle-income countries, and concern about side effects was the most common reason for vaccine hesitancy.

Library launches future with FOLIO

Cornell University Library pioneers in adapting open source system, FOLIO.

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Satellite monitoring documents cultural heritage at risk

Cornell researchers are using satellite imagery to protect endangered and damaged cultural heritage in the South Caucasus, where an ethnic conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan has raged for decades.

ILR perspective informing reform in India

Visiting faculty member Dr. Ramaswami "Balu" Balasubramaniam applies his reform work in India to his teaching at ILR.

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International development scholar Phil McMichael retires

Phil McMichael, whose decades of research into equitable, sustainable, and just food systems reshaped development thinking, will become emeritus professor of global development on July 1.

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ILR's Harry Katz tabbed to lead international association

A focus on Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe will be part of Professor Harry Katz’s term as president of a global labor and employment relations organization.

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