Mummified bird gets second life in multisensory exhibition

A mummified bird – and the research into its historical context and extraordinary afterlife – will be on display in an exhibition that runs Oct. 7-9, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., in Upson Hall’s Lounge 116.

Protein family shows how life adapted to oxygen

Cornell scientists have created an evolutionary model that connects organisms living in today’s oxygen-rich atmosphere back billions of years – to a time when Earth’s atmosphere had little oxygen.

Fixed-duration strikes can revitalize labor

“Fixed-duration” strikes – such as the three-day walkout by 15,000 nurses in mid-September – protect worker interests and impose financial and reputation costs on employers, according to new ILR School research.

New postdoctoral research program is now accepting applications

The CURES fellowship program supports advanced research as well as efforts to enhance diversity in recipients’ fields of study.

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Why test prep for children focuses on math exams

New research shows that the reason children show more progress on math exams than on English exams partially stems from incentives embedded in the way standardized tests are designed.

Seven postdocs honored with achievement awards

Seven postdoctoral scholars were honored with Postdoc Achievement Awards as part of Cornell’s participation in National Postdoc Appreciation Week. The awards recognize excellence in community engagement, leadership and mentoring.

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Brains on board: Smart microrobots walk autonomously

Cornell researchers installed electronic “brains” on solar-powered robots that are 100 to 250 micrometers in size, so the tiny bots can walk autonomously without being externally controlled. 

Archaeological conference expands discussion beyond colonial roots

Organizers added a strikethrough to the conference name this year, recognizing that the word “frontier” is rooted in a history of white-settler colonialism.

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Doctoral candidate and adviser receive 2022 HHMI Gilliam Fellowships

Doctoral candidate Ayress Grinage and Barbara McClintock Professor of Plant Biology and Associate Dean of Faculty Chelsea Specht were selected as recipients of the 2022 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Graduate Fellowships for Advanced Study.

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