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Establishing a strong legal foundation is critical when launching a new business; a Feb. 20 webinar hosted by Celia Bigoness of the Cornell Law School will offer legal advice to budding entrepreneurs.


The deadline is May 1 for students to apply for a Kheel Center Undergraduate Research Award, for undergraduates pursuing original research or creative projects under the guidance of a faculty member.


The event, “Roundtable on Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV): Public Health, Politics and Global Perspective,” was held Feb. 11 on Cornell’s Ithaca campus. 

In new research, Sabrina Karim, assistant professor of government, found that personal contact and relationship-building between police and citizens encourages a positive attitude about the country’s central authority.

In new research, Associate Professor Virginia Doellgast of the ILR School examines the role unions played in the aftermath of a wave of employee suicides starting in 2007, during restructuring at France Telecom.

Professor Ifeoma Ajunwa, who studies the impact of AI on practices such as fair hiring, gave research-based testimony to a Congressional committee on Feb. 5 in Washington, D.C.

Even short stays in solitary confinement appear linked to a higher risk of death after inmates are released from jail or prison, according to new research by Christopher Wildeman, professor of policy analysis and management.

Faculty members will discuss tax policies in Latin America and the rise of multinational corporations in China in a pair of library book talks.


As the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump unfolds in the U.S. Senate, two Cornell professors offered their perspectives on the event and what it says about the current state of American politics.