Ideology impacts who seeks federal benefits

New research from Manoj Thomas, marketing professor at Johnson, and Shreyans Goenka, Ph.D. ’20, finds that low-income conservatives are just as likely as liberals to accept federal assistance, so long as there’s a work requirement.

When No One Believes: How a Law School Clinic Helped Asylum Seeker Get Second Chance

Three students from Cornell Law School’s Asylum and Convention Against Torture Clinic have been able to give an asylum seeker from Cameroon a rare second chance to prove he should be eligible to stay in the United States.  

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Lindsey Ruff ’19 Receives First Jackson Distinguished Alumni Award

Lindsey Ruff '19 was recognized for her instrumental work on a clinic case involving the free speech rights of death penalty lawyers in South Carolina that is now pending before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit.

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Student muralist explores public art, policy link

Junior Nate Reilly jumpstarts his own artistic career while working to enhance the arts from a systemic and policy-oriented lens as a participant in the Cornell in Washington program.

Lessons of CARES Act outlined

The CARES Act provides lessons to avoid inequities and prevent profiteering from emergency relief funds, according to a new report co-authored by Professor Rosemary Batt.

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U.S. Trade Ambassador provides “candid” thoughts in ILR webinar

Cornell researchers and Ambassador Katherine Tai discussed the impact of U.S trade policy on working Americans.

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Experts: Ukraine war puts world in ‘uncharted territory’

Clarity about the goals of sanctions against Russia will be key to attempts to de-escalate the conflict, Cornell faculty experts said during a March 4 panel discussion.

Radio interview highlights City of Ithaca public safety reform

City of Ithaca Acting Mayor Laura Lewis gives an update on public safety reform and other topics.

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Scholarship honors eminent historian and professor

A new scholarship for first-generation undergraduate students has been established in the name of beloved government professor Isaac Kramnick, and will support students beginning this fall.