Mars Sample Return a top scientific priority, Lunine testifies

Samples of Martian rock and soil could be stranded if Congress doesn't adequately fund a NASA mission to retrieve them, Astronomy Chair Jonathan Lunine told a U.S. House subcommittee on March 21.

Community Work-Study Program celebrates 50 years

The Community Work-Study Program enables Cornell undergraduates with federal work-study as part of their financial aid package to work for local nonprofits, schools and municipalities.

Cornell Feline Health Center launches playful CatGPT

Feline-centric chatbot connects cat owners with credible, science-based information in a novel way. Users can ask the chatbot questions, get to the answers quickly and ask follow-up questions – or even play games.

Architecture students set to spread wings on Dragon Day

The annual Dragon Day parade on March 29 is expected to feature a grunge-inspired Dragon designed by first-year architecture students to expand and contract before fully unfurling its wings on the Arts Quad.

From omen to breakthrough: Exhibit explores eclipses

“Solar Eclipses: From Fear to Knowledge” features a 480-year-old Copernicus manuscript, historical photographs and other materials from the library’s Rare and Manuscript Collections.  

Citizen scientists’ ‘glass eel’ data helps protect Hudson River

The Hudson River Eel Project – which has netted, counted and released roughly 2 million juvenile eels since its inception in 2008 – owes its success to a cadre of nearly 1,000 high school, college and adult citizen scientists donating time and effort each spring along the Hudson River.

Choosing connection: Physics professor teaches Arab youth in Israel

Professor Yuval Grossman has been traveling to Israel to lead math and physics activities with young people in Arab villages since 2019. His most recent trip was in January.

Compensation fund could boost NYS child care industry

"The Status of Child Care in New York State," a new report from the ILR School's Buffalo Co-Lab, finds recent increases in state subsidies have been insufficient to reduce inequities in child care access and quality.

Code Afrique returns to Ghana to share opportunities in tech

Ghana’s fledgling tech sector has a chicken-and-egg problem: To grow, it needs trained, local workers, but without existing job opportunities, students don’t pursue degrees in computer science.