VR can help teachers better distribute their gaze

A multidisciplinary team of researchers tested several methods of data visualization in an immersive virtual reality classroom to give teachers a way to gauge how their gaze was distributed.

Students transmit health care data without cell service, internet

Using low-frequency radio waves to send blood pressure data, a group of students has provided a proof of concept that could enable in-home health care for people without cellular or broadband access.

Merrill Scholars honor mentors who inspired them

At a luncheon on May 21, 42 Merrill Scholars celebrated the mentors who had the greatest influence on their early education and the Cornell faculty or staff members who contributed most significantly to their college experience.

Eighteen receive awards recognizing inclusive excellence

The Graduate Diversity and Inclusion Awards recognized members of the graduate community for their accomplishments, leadership and commitments to advancing efforts around diversity, inclusion, outreach and student engagement.

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Through research and education, Bowers CIS is shaping fairer, ethical AI

In its world-class research and teaching, Cornell Bowers CIS is uniquely positioned to guide tomorrow’s innovators as they dive into issues of ethics, fairness and privacy, while weighing the policy implications of technological advances.

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Tuskegee University joins Center for Research on Programmable Plant Systems (CROPPS)

Tuskegee University has become the latest partner of the Center for Research on Programmable Plant Systems (CROPPS), a Science and Technology Center funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation aimed at developing tools to communicate with plants and the associated organisms that make up their microbiomes.

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Committee to recommend final expressive activity policy

The committee of faculty members, students and staff has begun a review of the university’s interim expressive activity policy and will recommend a final policy early in the fall semester.

Students win NASA grant to develop AI for safer aerial traffic

The skies may soon be congested with drone traffic. A multidisciplinary team received a grant from NASA to develop new models to coordinate these drones, which may someday deliver packages - or even people. 

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Diversity, empathy fuel national win for Men’s Fencing Club

After rebuilding post-pandemic and with diversity as its strength, the Men’s Fencing Club clinched a surprise win at the 2024 U.S. Association of Collegiate Fencing Clubs championships.