Collaboration will advance cardiac health through AI

A three-year, $15 million partnership between Cornell and NewYork-Presbyterian will employ artificial intelligence to help improve outcomes for people with cardiovascular disease.

New tool allows students to browse alumni academic paths

The platform, called Pathways, was designed to assist and inspire current students as they explore and make informed decisions such as choosing courses and majors.

Weatherspoon, Lewis honored for diversity contributions

The awards are based on nominations from students, faculty and staff, and the recommendations of a selection committee. The recognition comes with a $15,000 prize to be used for research, scholarship and other activities at Cornell.

Marginalized students suffer penalties from procrastination

Most people have waited until the last minute to complete a school assignment at some point in their lives, but a new study finds that first-generation students and those belonging to underrepresented ethnic and racial groups turn in assignments later, on average, than their nonmarginalized peers.

Cornell Atkinson awards $1.4 million to new sustainability projects

Cornell Atkinson has awarded seed funding to nine interdisciplinary projects that address a range of sustainability topics.

Around Cornell

Researchers consider invisible hurdles in digital ag design

A new study shows how digital ag may be unintentionally creating problems for farmers, and found that enabling farmers to tinker with their own systems and involving them early in the design process could better translate technology from the lab to the field.

Technology helps self-driving cars learn from own memories

Researchers at Cornell Bowers CIS and the College of Engineering have produced three concurrent research papers on autonomous vehicles’ ability to create “memories” of previous experiences and use them in future navigation.

Overlooked, undervalued: Cornell research seeks to elevate home care workers

A multidisciplinary team of Cornell researchers is collaborating to elevate the value of home care workers while improving their working conditions and patient outcomes.

Five companies ‘graduate’ from Cornell incubators

As the pandemic pomp and COVID circumstances dissipate, Cornell’s McGovern Center and Praxis Center incubators graduated five startups, putting them on the road to success.