From breaking to Beyoncé: Hip Hop Collection empowers students

Cornell's Hip Hop Collection, which includes the archives of some of the most influential pioneers of hip-hop, supports and enriches a passionate community of student scholars and artists.  

Theme year kickoff to explore free expression fundamentals

Cornell legal experts will review the fundamentals of free expression during a Sept. 7 panel discussion kicking off the university’s theme year, “The Indispensable Condition: Freedom of Expression at Cornell.”

‘Smart’ glasses skew power balance with nonwearers

Someone wearing augmented reality, or “smart,” glasses could be Googling your face, turning you into a cat or recording your conversation – and that creates a major power imbalance with the nonwearer, Cornell researchers have found.

CALS offers new interdisciplinary minor in digital agriculture

Students can now choose a new minor in digital agriculture, a multidisciplinary field focused on food and agriculture production systems, but with an increasingly broader span of applications and interests.

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Global Hubs collaborations bring synergy and discovery

With the support of Cornell Global Hubs joint seed grants, researchers are building international connections and advancing their research. 

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Five early-career professors win NSF development awards

Researchers studying the formation of the Earth’s crust and wearable technology for daily-life applications are among those at Cornell who recently received National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Awards.

Students head across globe thanks to Summer Experience Grant funding

Summer Experience Grants in the College of Arts & Sciences helped 139 students to take minimally-paid or unpaid summer positions this year. 

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Undergrad research program culminates in 2023 symposium

After an exciting summer of research, students from the Cornell Bowers CIS BURE program shared their results with faculty, mentors, and fellow students.

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‘Trashbots’ help Brooklynites clean up, connect

Cornell Tech researchers deployed “trashbots” in Brooklyn for two weeks in July. The goal of the experiment was to see how people interact with, and make sense of, service robots in public spaces. The cleaning was an added bonus.