New NY Outcomes Fund pays farmers to adopt sustainable practices

The New York Outcomes Fund pilot will pay farmers in the Great Lakes watershed to adopt regenerative practices.

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New Sustainable Tourism program charts course for travel’s future

The virtual Sustainable Tourism Destination Management course seeks to educate and build cooperation at the regional level to protect environmental, social, and cultural heritage while facilitating inclusive community processes. 

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Any person, any venture: Seeking to diversify entrepreneurial community

The newest member of the Cornell’s entrepreneurial community is already working with students to expand opportunities for involvement.

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The Wardrobe provides attire for ‘any student, any opportunity’

Hundreds of students borrow professional clothes from the Wardrobe each semester, for reasons ranging from convenience to financial need.

Eleven eLab teams advance to spring semester

Of the 28 teams that eLab welcomed in the fall, 11 student startups will continue on to the spring semester. To allow a wider net to be cast in identifying which businesses show the most promise, eLab’s structure took a new form in 2022-23.

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Listeners control the dial in genre-crossing music

New Cornell research shows how the rise of consumers’ influence changed the tune of contemporary country music and led to the creation of more songs that span multiple genres.

Product images could boost food pantry use

Cornell researchers found that visual depictions of food pantry offerings, including brand names, have an ameliorative effect on negative product perceptions.

Mutual fund analysis benefits from added size metric

A group led by Scott Stewart, clinical professor of finance and accounting at Johnson, has developed a method for better understanding mutual fund returns, which could impact both performance rankings and fund managers’ career trajectories.

Who is Horatio and why should you hire him?

The 17th episode of the Startup Cornell podcast features Jared Karson ’13, co-founder and CFO of Horatio. 

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