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Teaming up: Coronavirus research at Cornell

Cornell researchers are working collaboratively at the forefront of their fields to re-examine and adapt their innovations to develop the tests, treatments and knowledge necessary to end the COVID-19 pandemic.


Tool tracks COVID cases within NY school district boundaries

The ILR School has launched the NYS School District COVID-19 Tracker, an interactive, web-based mapping application that combines multiple sources of data on COVID-19, demographics and related topics by school district.

Human Ecology’s ‘commons cubes’ create safe study spots

To help students find safe places to study on campus, the College of Human Ecology has created cozy, 7-foot-square cubes out of PVC pipe and plastic sheeting.

Leadership Sessions: Students reach ‘semi-finals’ for first time

President Martha E. Pollack and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Lisa Nishii discuss getting out to vote, “semi-final” exams during the third and fourth weeks of November, and other topics.

Cornell teams work tirelessly to limit COVID spread

At Cornell, committed leaders, expert faculty, trained staff and student hires have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to create a winning strategy to reactivate campus and keep the community safe from COVID-19. 

Cornell donates 37 tons of produce to fight food insecurity

This year, with many people struggling due to COVID-19, Cornell faculty, staff and students facilitated the donation of more than 37 tons of food from farms run by Cornell AES to feed families in need.

COVID-19 Summit to be held virtually Nov. 4-5

Researchers and clinicians from Cornell’s Ithaca campus, Weill Cornell Medicine and Cornell Tech will gather for an online COVID-19 Summit, Nov. 4-5, to share their expertise and clinical experience with COVID-19.

Quad art installations make physical distancing more social

The collaborative outdoor installation “Cornell: Safely Together” aims to make COVID-19 physical distancing a little more social, with mown patterns and furniture on the Ag and Arts quads.

Project will strengthen global supply chains with AI

A new grant will fund Cornell research into better understanding and supporting the global supply chain, whose vulnerabilities were exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.