Floating an energy idea: Scientists study solar panel-topped ponds

Steve Grodsky, assistant professor of natural resources, and a multidisciplinary team of researchers, soon will learn how solar panels placed on top of water bodies can affect the biology of aquatic systems.

Serve in Place grants offer international experiences

Denise Rose worked with other Cornell students on a study of mental health in India through the Cornell-Keystone Nilgiris Field Learning Summer Program. 

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Blamed for fouling the environment, polyester may help save it

In a fast-fashion, throw-clothes-away world, textile expert Juan Hinestroza (Human Ecology) and a group of scientists have new ways to recycle wasted polyester into new useful products.

Music student helps expand Ethiopian nun’s musical legacy

Thomas Feng, a doctoral student in performance practice, is identifying and cataloging the piano music of the late Emahoy Tsege-Mariam Gebru, a composer with a cult following.

Geologists celebrate 40 years of Andes research

A group of Cornell geologists – known as the Cornell Andes Project – came together in early June to celebrate 40 years of research in South America and their collective success in advancing the understanding of plate tectonics.

Political philosopher Richard Miller dies at 77

Richard William “Dick” Miller, the Wyn and William Y. Hutchinson Professor in Ethics and Public Life Emeritus in the College of Arts and Sciences, who brought deep moral insight to philosophical theory and matters of social and political justice, died June 9. He was 77.

Wildfire smoke a threat to already endangered orangutans

For months following peatland wildfires in Borneo, the behavior and voices of critically endangered orangutans change, according to a new study led by a researcher from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Historic caftan augments a diverse fashion collection

The majestic robe owned by the iconic fashion editor André Leon Talley is the latest of several acquisitions that further diversify the Cornell Fashion + Textile Collection.

Cornellian UN climate authors warn of ‘extreme’ risk to people, food systems

As world governments prepare the first-ever Global Stocktake, assessing whether they are living up to climate targets, Cornellians’ research is playing a critical role. 

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