Curbing hunger: Students build inventive outdoor food pantry

Social justice and engineering blend beautifully. Last semester, Cornell students built a trailblazing food-sharing pantry to take an edge off chronic hunger among local residents.

Overlooked, undervalued: Cornell research seeks to elevate home care workers

A multidisciplinary team of Cornell researchers is collaborating to elevate the value of home care workers while improving their working conditions and patient outcomes.

Qatar Omicron-wave study shows slow decline of natural immunity

Researchers analyzed the Omicron wave in Qatar last winter, comparing prior infections, vaccine immunity and combinations thereof among more than 100,000 Omicron-infected and non-infected individuals.

Five companies ‘graduate’ from Cornell incubators

As the pandemic pomp and COVID circumstances dissipate, Cornell’s McGovern Center and Praxis Center incubators graduated five startups, putting them on the road to success.

Antibodies in breast milk help shape infants’ gut bacteria and immunity

A study suggests boosting “naturally-produced” antibodies in mothers may enhance infants’ immunity against bacterial pathogens that cause infectious gastrointestinal diseases.

Cancer symposium fosters collaboration across Cornell

The annual event showcased the wide range of cancer research taking place across Cornell colleges and campuses, and allowed faculty and students to identify potential areas for collaboration.

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Study sheds light on how scramblase proteins rearrange cell membranes

A class of proteins, known as TMEM16 scramblases, permit rearrangement of lipids in the cell membrane chiefly by thinning the membrane, according to a new model by Weill Cornell Medicine investigators.

Amazon River freshwater fish show signs of overexploitation

As the cherished rainforest in South America’s Amazon River region continues to shrink, the river itself now presents evidence of other dangers: the overexploitation of freshwater fish.

“Startup Cornell” podcast features co-founder of Centivax

Our 11th episode features Stephanie Wisner ’16, co-founder of Centivax, a therapeutics company that’s creating universal vaccines to reduce and eradicate the remaining complex pathogens of the 21st century.

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