Enrollment now open for Summer Session 2022

Students are invited to enroll now for Cornell’s Summer Session where they can earn up to 15 credits. Courses are offered online, on campus and around the world in three-, six- and eight-week sessions between May 31 and August 2, 2022.

Around Cornell

Ideology impacts who seeks federal benefits

New research from Manoj Thomas, marketing professor at Johnson, and Shreyans Goenka, Ph.D. ’20, finds that low-income conservatives are just as likely as liberals to accept federal assistance, so long as there’s a work requirement.

New technique yields insight into genome

A new Cornell study sheds light on a controversial debate in epigenetics – the set of molecular changes occurring on top of the genome that regulate how genes are turned on and off, but without changing a cell’s DNA sequence.

Hormone may contribute to infertility in PCOS

Anti-Mullerian hormone, traditionally thought of as a passive byproduct of polycystic ovary syndrome, may actually play an active role in the disorder, according to new research.

Heat stress for cattle may cost billions by century’s end

Globally, by the end of this century low-income cattle farmers in poor countries may face financial loss between $15 to $40 billion annually, due to looming climate change.

Animal noses inspire new mask, air filter designs

A new 3D-printable mask design, inspired by animal noses, promises easy breathing for users while maintaining similar levels of protection against pathogens found in N95 and surgical masks.

Discovery may help reduce side effects of MS drugs

Investigators from Weill Cornell Medicine and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center have discovered how a drug for multiple sclerosis interacts with its targets, a finding that may pave the way for better treatments.

Anesthesia costs rise with corporate outsourcing

Anesthesiology prices jump significantly after medical facilities contract with corporate physician management companies – especially those backed by private equity firms – and threaten to hike patient costs, according to new research.

Virtual reality farm tour expands access to urban agriculture

Cornell researchers have created the most advanced virtual reality urban farm tour ever made, an online learning experience that promises to transport urban and rural farmers to New York City’s Red Hook Farms without ever leaving home.