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Governor launches state public health training program

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on March 24 announced the launch of the state’s free, online Citizen Public Health Training Course, delivered by the state Department of Health in partnership with Cornell.

$5M Mastercard grant funds diversity at Weill Cornell

Weill Cornell Medicine will launch a suite of innovative programs to foster and sustain a more diverse faculty through the support of the Mastercard Impact Fund.

Excess blood sugar promotes clogging of arteries: study

Excess sugar in the blood, the central feature of diabetes, can react with immune proteins to cause myriad changes in the immune system, including inflammatory changes that promote atherosclerosis, according to a new study.

Match Day caps historic year at Weill Cornell Medical College

The Weill Cornell Medical College Class of 2021 learned on national Match Day, March 19, where they will be doing their internship and residency training, during the next several years of their medical careers.

History, design and mission drive MVR Hall renovations

The upgrades reflect Martha Van Rensselaer’s original philosophy for the College of Human Ecology, and the innovative, multidisciplinary institution it has evolved into over time.

Researchers link breast cancer and bone growth

A Cornell-led collaboration has found that bones may grow in response to breast cancer tumors – possibly as a preemptive defense mechanism against metastasis. The findings could point the way to future diagnostic tests and therapeutic treatments.

‘Racism in America’ webinar to focus on health

In the next webinar of the College of Arts and Sciences’ yearlong series, “Racism in America,” panelists will focus on the impact of racism on access to health care and health outcomes, March 29 at 7 p.m.

Cancer cells may evade chemotherapy by going dormant

Cancer cells can dodge chemotherapy by entering a type of “active hibernation” that enables them to weather the stress induced by aggressive treatments, according to a new study by scientists at Weill Cornell Medicine.

Neuroscience edges closer to high-res mammalian brain atlas

A team led by scientists at Weill Cornell Medicine has made a map identifying all the different RNA molecules that are derived from each gene in the brains of mice.