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NYS sanitizer, Cornell’s U-pick guide boost farm success

Even in the coronavirus era, New York’s pick-your-own farms are flourishing – thanks to a new Cornell guide and NYS sanitizer.

Webinar to examine systemic racism, health equity

What can faculty, students and community members be doing in response to institutional racism and its role in shaping health equity? A webinar organized by the Cornell Center for Health Equity will examine this question.

Smile: Atomic imaging finds root of tooth decay

A collaboration between researchers from Cornell, Northwestern University and University of Virgina combined complementary imaging techniques to explore the atomic structure of human enamel, exposing tiny chemical flaws in the fundamental building blocks of our teeth.

Scientists track plant diseases riding across globe with dust

A multidisciplinary, Cornell-led team of scientists will study how plant pathogens that travel the globe with dust particles might put crops at risk, especially in places where people struggle to eat.

COVID-19 exacerbates malnutrition in India, study finds

Research from the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition shows that India’s rigorous lockdown has driven up the price of produce, limiting people’s ability to afford a nutritionally diverse diet.

Study finds hidden emotions in the sound of words

In the midst of COVID-19, it’s common to feel stress levels rise when we hear the word “virus.” But Cornell-led research reveals that the sound of the word itself was likely to cause stress – even before “corona.”

$10B needed to avert COVID-19 hunger crisis, experts say

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, $10 billion is urgently needed to prevent millions more people becoming food insecure, according to a new report by Cornell and international partners.

Listeria protein provides a CRISPR ‘kill switch’

A single protein derived from a common strain of bacteria found in the soil will offer scientists a more precise way to edit RNA, according to new Cornell food science research.

Gene yields insights into the causes of neurodegeneration

Fenghua Hu is researching factors that cause Alzheimer’s and similar diseases. Her new study shows the role that one particular gene plays in protecting the central nervous system via the formation and maintenance of the myelin sheath.