How to get people to follow the rules: lessons from the pandemic’s ‘great experiment’

When a deadly global pandemic broke out, compliance — the act of following rules — became critical. Yet many people didn’t adhere to the rules. Professor John, from the Cornell Law School, explains how getting people to work together and follow rules takes careful thought and planning, and that compliance inside businesses and organizations is essential to accomplishing just about anything.  

Around Cornell

First class of Milstein students heads toward graduation

Twenty seniors in the Milstein Program in Technology & Humanity will graduate this year with degrees in everything from biology to linguistics to computer science to physics.

Around Cornell

Study reveals potential therapies for aggressive lymphoma

The Weill Cornell Medicine research takes a step toward precision medicine for a type of cancer that disproportionately affects people with African ancestry, an underserved population. 

Artificial cilia could someday power diagnostic devices

Cornell researchers designed a micro-sized artificial cilial system that could eventually enable low-cost, portable diagnostic devices for testing blood samples, manipulating cells or assisting in microfabrication processes.

Startup Roundup: Antithesis Foods, Guard Medical, C2i, Bactana

Cornell startup Antithesis Foods and Bactana were awarded NSF small-business grants, as Guard Medical raises $11 million in Series B investments and C2i launches a disease test in Europe.

Weill Cornell Medicine Commencement returns to Carnegie Hall

President Martha E. Pollack joined Deans Augustine M.K. Choi and Barbara Hempstead in conferring degrees on students graduating from Weill Cornell Medical College and Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, in the first in-person ceremony since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

‘Boomerang’ effect in droplets could help clean sensitive surfaces

Through their work on the dynamics of liquid mixtures, scientists have developed a new approach to the problem of cleaning sensitive, electronic surfaces.

Partnerships fuel COVID testing lab’s success

Robust collaboration between community partners and Cornell has resulted in more than 2 million COVID-19 tests, saving lives throughout the Finger Lakes region.

Benefactor Charles R. Lee ’61, trustee emeritus, dies at 82

Charles R. Lee was one of the university’s most active and generous ambassadors, and a tireless advocate for deeper connections across Cornell’s campuses and alumni communities.