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Modernization makes older adults feel rushed, too

Research led by Corinna Loeckenhoff, professor of human development, is the first to show that a sense of increased time pressure caused by “social acceleration” may affect older adults who are no longer working.

Testing AI fairness in predicting college dropout rate

Researchers from Cornell Bowers CIS found no evidence that removing protected student attributes from dropout prediction models improves their accuracy or fairness, but they advocate for including those attributes.

Staff, faculty win SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence

Twenty faculty and professional staff members in four of Cornell’s state contract colleges have been selected for the 2020–21 State University of New York Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence.

Gift endows, names Cornell Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy

The major gift from the Brooks family, whose Cornell roots span three generations, provides an early boost to help the university’s newest school achieve world-class excellence.

Rural sociologist Frank Young dies at 92

Professor emeritus Frank W. Young died on April 26 at his home in Ithaca. As a professor of development sociology, Young was best known for his work in social differentiation and social structure, and later in population health.

Face value? Attractiveness biases financial decisions

Research by Vivian Zayas, associate professor of psychology, found attractive investment partners were seen as more trustworthy even if they weren’t the most profitable.

Subscribe, like, share: visibility in the age of algorithms

Algorithm uncertainties are just one of several challenges social media content creators face, according to new research led by Brooke Erin Duffy, associate professor of communication.

Data insight firm targets opinions of the hard-to-reach

Ben Leff ’16 and government professor Peter Enns are co-founders of Reality Check Insights, a company that delivers data insights related to people’s attitudes, preferences and behaviors to media organizations, political groups and others.

Online game replicates frustrations of research and disability

With a grant from the Society for the Humanities, Julia Chang has developed an online game with an undergrad computer science researcher, based on her research on disability in modern Spain. The game will launch during an online event June 2 at 2 p.m.