Income, segregated schools drive Black-white education gaps

New research finds a generation of federal school reform hasn’t addressed the primary drivers of racial gaps in achievement and attainment: economic inequality and segregated schools.

Conference explores the theme of “Repair” from multiple humanities disciplines

Friday’s concluding keynote will be delivered by Jonathan Flatley, a scholar of literature and the relationship between politics and aesthetic.

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Alumni return to celebrate theatre troupe’s 30th anniversary

A series of special events, including visits from alumni involved in theatre, film and television, is being planned to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Teatrotaller, a theatre troupe formed to promote Spanish, Latin American and Latino culture.

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Creating ‘political economy of hope’ at Pakistan-India border

Pakistani nationals of the Hindu faith migrate to India based on religion, caste, culture and history – and lately Indian government officials all the way up to the prime minister have been encouraging them to “return,” according Cornell researchers.

Student receives Kheel Center research award

Yu An Chen '22 was recognized for her outstanding research on Chinese garment workers.

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Archaeological conference expands discussion beyond colonial roots

Organizers added a strikethrough to the conference name this year, recognizing that the word “frontier” is rooted in a history of white-settler colonialism.

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Rossiter honored for 'writing women back into the history of science'

Her major work, “Women Scientists in America,” published in three volumes between 1982 and 2012, has redrawn the historical landscape of women in science.

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Klarman fellow tracks impact of social bonds on animal health

“My focus is on how an animal’s mother can impact a wide range of outcomes: in childhood, adulthood, and even between generations,” said Matthew Zipple, a Klarman Fellow in neurobiology and behavior.

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Arts and Sciences welcomes new faculty for 2022-23

Fifteen new faculty are bringing innovative ideas in a wide range of topics to the College of Arts & Sciences’ nexus of discovery and impact, including climate change, astronomy, identity studies and the economy.

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