Exploring girlhoods, Black scholars connect, imagine and heal

A new working group, co-founded by Cornell faculty, invites a community of Black scholars, educators and activists to reflect on their girlhoods – all in order to better serve the Black girls with whom they work.

Poverty is a political choice, Michener tells NYS Senate

On Dec. 12, Jamila Michener offered expert testimony during a New York State Senate committee hearing focused on the causes and effects of poverty in the state’s small and midsized cities.

Five minutes of mindfulness can help improve kids’ reading

Engaging middle-school students in brief mindfulness exercises could boost their reading performance – and could offer an effective intervention to help youth from historically minoritized backgrounds, according to a new Cornell study.

Undergraduates celebrate Latinx history through Rockefeller Hall exhibition

Students in Cornell’s Introduction to Latinx Studies course celebrated Latino/a roots through an exhibit of collaborative mixed media projects.

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Welcoming AI into the classroom

Students are experimenting with generative artificial intelligence in everything from essay writing to computer code creation.

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Consistency key to corporate expressions of racial solidarity

An analysis of Fortune 500 company statements after the 2020 police killing of George Floyd finds that donations to social justice groups only conveyed allyship to Black Americans when seen as part of a long-term commitment to diversity.

Cornell Center for Social Sciences announces fall grantees

The Cornell Center for Social Sciences has awarded 16 grants across eight Cornell schools and colleges this fall, seeding research in 12 different departments that tackles some of society's most immediate challenges.

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Conference celebrates 40 years of Andean studies at Cornell

“Since its founding, the NCAAE has grown into a vibrant intellectual community encompassing multiple research institutions and independent scholars in the Northeast, and beyond.”

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Entrepreneurs talk about disruption, growth and the power of AI

Cornell entrepreneurs shared wisdom, advice and ideas during Eclectic Convergence 2023 at Cornell Tech in New York City.

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