When No One Believes: How a Law School Clinic Helped Asylum Seeker Get Second Chance

Three students from Cornell Law School’s Asylum and Convention Against Torture Clinic have been able to give an asylum seeker from Cameroon a rare second chance to prove he should be eligible to stay in the United States.  

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Lindsey Ruff ’19 Receives First Jackson Distinguished Alumni Award

Lindsey Ruff '19 was recognized for her instrumental work on a clinic case involving the free speech rights of death penalty lawyers in South Carolina that is now pending before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit.

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Face-to-face interaction enhances learning, innovation

Faces transmit social information about goals and motivations that can help learners overcome the inherent difficulty of sharing a teacher's visual perspective, new Cornell psychology research finds.

Working, studying in ‘off’ hours can harm motivation

Working a nontraditional schedule, and checking in at all hours of the day, night and weekends, is not necessarily beneficial for the 21st-century workforce, according to new Cornell research.

Time off after high school makes college less likely

Academic breaks after high school – even those lasting just a few months – can cause some students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to forgo enrolling in college altogether, according to new Cornell research.

People rethink nationalist beliefs in uncertain times

Based on her in-depth study of ordinary people in Russia, Leila Wilmers explores how we engage the principles of nationalism in making sense of uncertainty and disruptive social change.

Cornell’s UN climate author warns of ‘rapidly closing window’

In a global cautionary tale, the UN’s IPCC has a new climate change report written by Cornell’s Rachel Bezner Kerr and 270 others, to pull our planet from dire environmental ruin.

A.D. White professors’ spring 2022 visits announced

An award-winning Argentine author, an agro-sustainability innovator, a renowned archaeologist and a leading sociolinguist are set to visit campus this spring as Andrew Dickson White Professors-at-Large.

Book describes dislocation of ‘the West’

In his new book, Professor Naoki Sakai examines a new order taking place that dislocates America and Europe from the center of world power.